Dublin City Council announces details for the Liffey Swim #Liffeyswim95

Dublin City Council today announced the details for the 95th Dublin City Liffey Swim, which is set to take place this coming Saturday, 13th September. The men’s race begins at 1.15pm, and the women’s race an hour later at 2.15pm. Registration for the event closed on August 31st with 361 swimmers registered to take part in this year’s race - 252 men and 109 women over a 2.2 km course.
This year’s race will return to its traditional course beginning at the Rory O’More Bridge near the Guinness Brewery taking competitors past famous Dublin landmarks such as the Four Courts and the Ha’penny Bridge and finishing at the Loopline Bridge at Custom House Quay.
Competitors of all ages, abilities and nationalities take part, with teenagers pitting their strengths against 70 year olds and club swimmers from all over the country competing against each other. Each of the competitors is assigned a time handicap, according to their level of proficiency.
Lord Mayor Christy Burke said “The Liffey Swim is one of Dublin’s oldest traditions and each year it goes from strength to strength.  This year, over 350 people will take part including 9 sets of parents who will compete against their children, Solo North Channel Swimmer Sabrina Wiedmer from Switzerland and Lake Zurich Marathon Swimmer and member of Dublin fire Brigade, Rachel Lee”
“I encourage everybody in Dublin city on Saturday afternoon to follow the race along the quays and cheer on the swimmers. I also want to thank the Leinster Region Open Sea Committee, who work closely with the City Council every year in successfully delivering this unique event” added Jim Beggan, Senior Executive Officer, Dublin City Councils Sport & Recreation Services.
The winners of each category will be presented with the prestigious Liffey Cup on North Wall Quay at 4 pm.
For more information contact:
Dublin City Council Media Relations Office Tel:  01 2222170
Leinster Open Sea Committee: E: leinsteropenseacommittee@gmail.com
Notes to the Editor
The Dublin City Liffey Swim was first run in 1920 when it was devised by Bernard Fagan an engineer in Dublin Corporation to show the citizens the good quality of the water in the Liffey.
The Dublin City Liffey swim is one of the most famous open sea races throughout the world. It is unique in that Dublin is the only capital city in Europe to have a swimming race through the middle of the city.   The Dublin City Liffey Swim is the highlight of the open sea swimming season and in particular for the native Dubliners there is something special about being able to swim down the Liffey in early September.   This also provides a great spectacle for the Dublin public who line the quays, boardwalks and bridges along the mile and a quarter course to catch a glimpse of this unique event
The Dublin City Liffey Swim is regarded as an Open Sea Race as for much of the race swimmers are battling against an incoming tide and are swimming in salt water.   
Leinster Open Sea Races
The Dublin City Liffey Swim is run each year by the Leinster Open Sea Committee (a voluntary not for profit committee) and is the final swimming race in the Leinster Open Sea Calendar of over 33 Races.
From June to September, there are two races every weekend at well known swimming locations along the Coast of Dublin, Wicklow and Wexford.   Races are held at Malahide Portmarnock, Howth, Bull Wall, the Great South Wall (Ringsend), Seapoint (Dun Laoghaire),  Dun Laoghaire Harbour, Sandycove, Killiney, Bray, Wicklow, Curracloe (County Wexford), Lough Leane  and Lough Dan (County Wicklow).   On average each race attracts over 200 swimmers and give swimmers  an opportunity to swim in a safe and friendly environment. The races are run in partnership between the Leinster Open Sea Committee and the swimming clubs of Leinster.   Both the Leinster Open Sea Committee and the Swimming Clubs warmly welcome new swimmers be they novice swimmers who have just learned to swim or former Olympic swimmers.
In order to compete in the Liffey Swim, swimmers must complete four qualifying races from the Leinster Open Sea Calendar to show that they are capable of competing the ardous course. 
Handicapped Race 
The Dublin City Liffey Swim is a handicapped race with the ladies and the men swimming in separate races.  The Honarary Handicapper gives the swimmer a handicap based on their performance in the qualifying races.   The handicapper will determine when a swimmer will start the race.  Swimmers with a high handicap can wait up to four or five minutes after the start of the race before diving in. The winner is the first swimmer to pass the finish line.  The handicap gives each swimmer an equal opportunity to win the race and allows an older swimmer the chance to compete against a younger athletes.
Overseas Visitors
Swimmers from overseas do not have to compete four qualifying races to compete in the Dublin City Liffey Swim.  Over the last  number of years the Liffey Swim has had competitors  from USA, Canada, Germany, UK and as far away as New Zealand.   We will welcome swimmers who have travelled from Australia, US, UK, Switzerland and the Netherlands this year.
Noteable Swimmers this year
Earlier this summer Rachel Lee a member of Dublin Fire Brigade won the Lake Zurich marathon swim of 26.4 Kilometers in a time of 7 hours and 2 minutes.
Sabrina Wiedmer, a Swiss national, completed a successful North Channel Solo swim in the icy waters between Ireland and Scotland in July this year. 
There are 9 sets of parents competing against their children including Brian Murphy and his 4 sons - Martin, Aidan, Colm and Stephen and Anne Marie Bourke and her daughter Alison.
Race Route
Rory O’More Bridge (beside Guinness Brewery) to Custom House Quay swimming past Collins Barracks, The Four Courts, Dublin City Councils’ Civic Offices, Liberty Hall and swimming under the following bridges - Rory O’More Bridge, James Joyce Bridge, Mellows Bridge, Father Mathew Bridge, O’Donovan Rossa Bridge, Grattan Bridge, Millennium Bridge, Ha’penny Bridge, O’Connell Bridge, Rosie Hackett Bridge, Butt Bridge and Loopline Bridge.