Dublin City Council Host Brexit Summit in City Hall

The Chairperson of Dublin City Council’s Enterprise and Economic Development Strategic Policy Committee, Councillor Paul McAuliffe, together with the Local Enterprise Office Dublin City will host a Dublin City Brexit Summit in the Council Chamber of City Hall on the 13th July from 9.30 am – 12.30 pm.

The Summit will focus on the potential challenges and opportunities facing Dublin City following the recent Brexit Referendum in the UK. It will take the format of a round-table discussion with the debate being stimulated by talks from Dan O’Brien, Chief Economist at the Institute of International and European Affairs and John McGrane, Director General of the British-Irish Chamber of Commerce.

Speaking about the Summit, Councillor Paul McAuliffe said “Brexit has been the topic of conversations across the city. As the authority with responsibility for driving economic activity in Dublin City, the City Council wants to turn those conversations into actions by cataloguing the challenges and identifying the potential opportunities.

Dublin is uniquely positioned to benefit from any displaced economic activity, but we need to be ready. That will require investment in infrastructure, in housing, commercial office space and transport. The Dublin Economic monitor published by the City Council already indicates that this investment is urgently needed.

In advance of any final settlement between the EU and Great Britain, we need to understand what areas of the economy and society will be impacted. From rare disease patients accessing treatment in the UK to education providers in Dublin who have British students, this issue will challenge ever sector of the city. We need to identify these issues so that the issues of Dublin City are considered in the government negotiating position.”

Representatives from the Irish Government, British Government, Elected Members of Dublin City Council and representatives from a cross section of relevant stakeholders in the city will attend the summit.

Attendees will also include the Lord Mayor of Dublin Brendan Carr, British Ambassador to Ireland, HE Dominick Chilcott, Minister of State for Financial Services, eGovernment and Public Procurement, Mr. Eoghan Murphy TD.

The summit will be broadcast live at 10am via Dublin City Council’s Webcast –


Kevin McFeely will syndicate photographs to picture desks after the event.


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