Dublin City Council launches new national programme to help SMEs

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Dublin City Council has launched a new national training programme to help micro, small and medium size businesses.

MODOS is a circular economy training programme which will equip SMEs to help reduce waste and carbon emissions while creating opportunities to save money, increase resilience and boost competitive advantage during the post-Covid recovery.

In a circular economy, materials are continuously re-used and recycled. This is essential if Ireland is to meet its greenhouse gas emission targets under the national Climate Action Plan.

As well as helping the environment, going circular could have huge social and economic benefits. In Europe alone it could save 450 million tonnes of carbon by 2030, create 580,000 jobs and save €600 billion for EU businesses.

MODOS is a joint initiative between Dublin City Council and the Waste Management Plan Lead Authority. Following the success of a pilot trial, held in Dublin last year, the initiative is now being offered at both a city and a national level.  

Dr. Joanne Rourke, Regional Resource Efficiency Officer at the Waste Management Plan Lead Authority said: “With SMEs making up to 99% of Ireland’s economy, it is vital that these businesses embrace circular thinking. MODOS gives SMEs the practical advice and support they need to do this. At DCC and WMPLA we want to help businesses be more sustainable and successful and we see circular economy thinking as key to both. Building on the 2019 MODOS pilot we are excited to be expanding the programme beyond Dublin in 2020, creating a national programme in partnership with the WMPLA and the Local Enterprise Offices.”