Dublin City Council to Reduce Toll Charges on Tom Clarke (East Link) Toll Bridge

Following a ruling from the Revenue Commissioners confirming that VAT should not be charged on Tolls at the Tom Clarke Toll Bridge (Eastlink Bridge) Dublin City Council are pleased to announce that from Friday the 18th of August 2017, VAT will be removed from all toll charges at this facility and that the Toll charged will be as follows:

Vehicle Class                         Old Toll Rate                                                 New Toll Rate


Car                                          €1.75                                                               €1.40


Van/Bus                                  €2.60                                                               €2.10


2 Axle                                      €3.50                                                               €2.85


3 Axle                                      €4.30                                                               €3.50


4 Axle                                      €5.20                                                               €4.25