Dublin City Council secures funding to refurbish Crampton Buildings

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Dublin City Council is to refurbish Crampton Buildings, the protected three storey “U” shaped courtyard building fronting onto Crampton Quay near O’Connell Street and backing onto Temple Bar, to enable it to meet modern building and fire safety standards and other living standards. Residents living in 36 apartments, who include tenants paying rent in accordance with the Differential Rents Scheme and tenants paying a non-differential rent, will be re-housed in two new apartment blocks nearby, at Bridgefoot Street and Townsend Street, while the work on the protected building is underway. Crampton Buildings was built in the 1890s and was bought by Dublin City Council in 1998. 

The refurbishment work including planning and procurement is expected to take up to two years and to cost €2.9 million. The City Council has received funding approval from the Department of Environment, Community and Local Government and will provide matching funding from the City Council’s own resources.

Crampton Buildings consists of 54 apartments, with 27 apartments on each of two floors. Most are small one bedroom apartments, with the entrance leading directly into the living room and the bedroom accessed from this living room, making the bedroom an inner room, in contravention of modern fire safety standards.

Dublin City Council has a unique opportunity, having two new apartment blocks close to Crampton Buildings, to offer residents in Crampton Buildings alternative high quality accommodation for the estimated two years that the refurbishment work will take.  The Crampton Buildings apartments do not comply with current building and fire safety standards and given the extent of the internal and external refurbishment needed to bring the building to the required standards and to the constrained nature of the complex, it would be impractical to have these works carried out with the residents in situ.

Dublin City Council staff will be available in Crampton Buildings tomorrow morning to liaise with the individual residents to establish their housing need and about when and how and to where they will move while the refurbishment process is underway. The City Council will be flexible with people and will try to use the opportunity that the two new empty apartment blocks nearby give us to rehouse neighbours together, if that is what they would like. The City Council cannot leave the two new apartment blocks empty for long and will offer the Crampton Buildings residents the opportunity to stay in the area near Crampton Buildings while their homes are being refurbished.

The refurbishment work will include significant internal alterations to the existing apartments to bring them into compliance with current building and fire safety standards. Floors, walls and ceilings will be upgraded, the electrical wiring and plumbing will also be upgraded and fire safety signs and fire alarms will be installed.

The refurbishment of the architecturally and socially significant Crampton Buildings complex based on the core conservation principles of re-use and appropriate repair in accordance with best conservation practice and detailed design is welcomed and supported by the Conservation Officer, Dublin City Council.

Dublin City Council is grateful to the Department of the Environment, Community and Local Government for co-funding this refurbishment project.