Dublin Docklands North Lotts and Grand Canal Dock launches under the Strategic Development Zone (SDZ)

10th December 2014 - Dublin Docklands North Lotts and Grand Canal Dock launches under the Strategic Development Zone (SDZ) 


Dublin City Council will officially launch The North Lotts and Grand Canal Dock Planning Scheme on Wednesday 10th December at 11am at the Dublin Docklands Development Authority Offices at Custom House Quay, Dublin 1. The scheme was adopted by Dublin City Council in November 2013 and approved by An Bord Pleanala on 16th May 2014.

Councillor Paddy Bourke, representing the Lord Mayor of Dublin, officially launched the scheme.

The publication marks the beginning of a new process of implementation of the Docklands Strategic Development Zone (SDZ) Scheme for the City, and a new era of investment and development in the Docklands area. The fast track planning for the Docklands (SDZ) has already seen the lodgement of its first major planning application at the Bolands Mill site with a decision due on this application in February 2015.

The Docklands SDZ is recognised as an area which is of city, region and national economic and social importance, not least due to the pro-active role the most significant land holder, NAMA, will play in its delivery.

Circa 22 Hectares are available for development in the North Lotts and Grand Canal Dock Scheme, an area roughly equivalent in scale to the entire Custom House Docks / IFSC Area. Under the scheme, the floorspace to be delivered amounts to almost 2,600 residential units and about 305,000 – 366,000 square metres of commercial floorspace. This potential would deliver an additional residential population of 5,800 and employment of 23,000 people.

This planning scheme under the Docklands SDZ seeks to meet the future needs of the City, by creating a vibrant living urban quarter and an economic cluster, capable of competing on an international level. The Docklands area has the potential to support real economic recovery and provide for a critical mass of development; to foster investment and innovation and sustain the growth of key sectors, such as financial services and the services economy.

This scheme provides a clear blueprint for new development, by requiring each major site to provide a mix of commercial and housing plus a range of services, new public spaces, parks and community and arts facilities. This mix of uses is key to the vision of the Docklands SDZ.

“The future of the Docklands is about more than construction. It’s about growing new communities and supporting existing community networks. A key part of the future role of Dublin City Council as it takes over the mantle of the Dublin Docklands Development Authority is continuing and building on the community and social development agenda, and working to ensure that the Docklands area continues to develop as an exemplary model of good neighbourhoods and successful place making” said Philip Maguire, Assistant Chief Executive in Dublin City Council.

“We must build on the major social and culture assets such as the Conference Centre, the Grand Canal Theatre and Square, the 3 Arena, the significant mix of hotels, Georges Dock that are already in place in Docklands and integrate it into the life of the City 24/7.”

Dublin City Council, as the designated Development Agency for the SDZ, has already commenced work on essential elements to the success of the Scheme. A new unit of Dublin City Council is now on the ground in Docklands delivering the SDZ and working with all key stakeholders and community leaders. A community audit has commenced, in relation to a new public realm strategy for the district and for preparatory designs for key new bridges.

“The City Council and the new Docklands based staff are looking forward to participating in and guiding the delivery the Docklands SDZ Planning Scheme. We will work closely with all involved to achieve the vision of the Docklands SDZ as a world class maritime quarter with a distinctive Dublin character” said Paul Clegg, Executive Manager at Dublin City Council.



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The designation of the SDZ was proposed by Dublin City Council and the Dublin Docklands Development Authority for the North Lotts and Grand Canal Dock Planning Scheme areas in accordance with Part IX of the Planning and Development Act, 2000. This follows the Government decision on May 31st, 2012 to wind up the Docklands Authority, but to retain an appropriate fast track planning framework to complete the Docklands project. Preparatory work and pre-consultation for the SDZ and Docklands Master Plan commenced prior to the Government designation of the SDZ in December 2012.

Dublin City Council is specified as the Development Agency for the purposes of the Planning Scheme under the SDZ designation in accordance with Part IX Section 166(3) of the Act.

Following extensive pre-draft consultation and public consultation over the statutory timeframe for public display of the Draft Planning Scheme, the Members of Dublin City Council approved the North Lotts and Grand Canal Dock Planning Scheme on 5 November 2013. The Scheme was subsequently appealed and An Bord Pleanála held an oral hearing over a six day period during February and March 2014. An Bord Pleanála approved the Scheme on the 16th of May 2014. The complete Scheme incorporating these changes is now published and is launched today.