Dublin Major Emergency Plan reduced to Standby Mode

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Dublin City Council and South Dublin County Council continue to lead the cleanup in the City and South Dublin in the aftermath of yesterday’s severe weather event. As a consequence, a decision to stand down the major emergency status to standby mode was taken by the Local Co-Ordination Group this afternoon. Met Eireann has advised that the storm which affected the region yesterday evening has passed. The inter-agency coordination dealt with the response and rescue, which has today moved into the recovery and cleanup phase.

A great deal of activity will continue in the recovery phase by each of the Principal Response Agencies (PRAs)  (Dublin City Council, South Dublin County Council, the Gárdai and the HSE), to deal specifically with issues that fall within their own areas of expertise and responsibility.

All inter-agency resources remain on standby should the regional major emergency structures need to be reactivated over the coming days, to deal with any other exceptional events should they arise. In the meantime, the PRAs will continue to deploy all resources required throughout the entire recovery and cleanup phase.

Once the recovery phase has been concluded, a review will take place on the inter-agency coordination aspects of the response between the PRAs. This review will involve all services that took part in the response.