Dublin Shortlisted for World Design Capital 2014

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Tuesday 21st June 2011: Dublin is one of just three cities worldwide to be shortlisted to become World Design Capital 2014. The International Council of Societies of Industrial Design (ICSID) announced today that the prestigious designation, awarded biannually to cities that use design to benefit people socially, culturally and economically will be awarded for 2014 to either Dublin, Bilbao (Spain), or Cape Town (South Africa). The winning city will be announced this autumn. Details of the Dublin bid can be seen on www.pivotdublin.com

The Dublin bid, 'Pivot Dublin, Turn Design Inside Out' is a collaboration between the four Dublin local authorities.  It includes proposals to improve quality of life in cities, using Dublin as a testbed, under four themes - 'Connecting Cities'; 'Making Cities Flow'; 'Making Cities Lighter' and 'Making Cities Smile'. Work on developing and implementing these proposals, described in the bid as ‘seed projects’, will begin immediately.

The Lord Mayor of Dublin, Gerry Breen said that 'Dublin is honoured to be one of the three cities shortlisted for World Design Capital 2014. On behalf of Dun Laoghaire-Rathdown, South Dublin and Fingal County Councils and Dublin City Council, I welcome the opportunities the World Design Capital project will give us. Our bid celebrates ambiguity, diversity and difference and tells a story of a city where there is much talent, a solid tradition of great Irish design and a vibrant informal design scene.  We look forward to sharing that experience with the world - come what may - now, in 2014 and beyond.”

'Pivot Dublin, Turn Design Inside Out' bid showcases Irish designers at home and abroad; working across established design disciplines such as product, fashion, architecture and graphic design to animation, film, gaming and interaction design”, says Ali Grehan, Dublin City Architect.  'It is a strong and diverse bid that tells a compelling story about our design capacity as a city and country.  It also identifies an opportunity where Dublin can be a test bed for new ideas which address local need, yet have global relevance. These are difficult times and our bid challenges us to adapt, recover and grow; showing how design can make a difference in Dublin and Ireland”.

“Successful World Design Capital designation for Dublin could provide a legacy of significant job opportunities for the city and for Ireland, as the design sector is growing rapidly”, says John Tierney, Dublin City Manager. “The World Design Capital designation is prestigious and brings economic and reputational benefits to the winning city. Cities that value and apply design in the way they think, plan and act are more humane, attractive and competitive cities and that is how we want to position Dublin”.


Notes to the Editor:

56 cities submitted bids for the 2014 title, including Beijing, Capetown and Bilbao. Turin was World Design Capital in 2008 and Seoul in 2010.

Turin received more visitors in 2008 than when it hosted the 2006 Winter Olympics.

The Mayor of Seoul has described their designation as a shortcut to becoming a truly global city. Helsinki, a city with a much admired and long established design tradition will host World Design Capital in 2012.

ICSID representatives will visit Dublin in the coming weeks to meet the bid organisers and representatives of Dublin's design industries and see for themselves the city's capacity to host World Design Capital 2014.

The Dublin bid is supported by the Irish Government as an opportunity to retrieve Ireland's international reputation and to embed the idea of good design as a way to benefit everyone socially, culturally and economically.

The Innovation Dublin festival which runs for a month from October to November will also have design as its key theme for 2011.