Dublin Docklands Development Authority Dissolution:

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Dublin Docklands  - Application for Determination of substantial commencement

Pursuant to Part 4 of the Dublin Docklands Development Authority (Dissolution) Act 2015 applications may be made in writing for a determination of substantial commencement of works or change of use relating to any “certificate” issued by Dublin Docklands Development  Authority under section 25 of the Dublin Docklands Development Authority Act 1997 or by the Custom House Docks Development Authority under section 12 of the Urban Renewal Act 1986.

Applications in writing to the address below must be made no later than 60 working days from the date of this notice.  Last date for receipt of applications is  15th Juine, 2016.  Each application must provide the details specified in the Act at Sn 18, (3), (b) (i) to (x) as well as enclose  the application fee of €65 and provide details of the particulars of the work carried out as of the dissolution day of 1st March 2016.

Address for Applications:

 Planning Registry & Decisions Section, Planning Department, Civic Offices, Woodquay, Dublin 8.

Ph 01 222 2149