Dublin's Lord Mayor expresses condolences to the family of Trevor O’Neill

The Lord Mayor of Dublin, Brendan Carr, has expressed his sincere condolences to the family of Trevor O’Neill who was brutally murdered in Majorca on Wednesday, 17th August.

Councillor Carr said: “On behalf of Dublin City Council and the people of Dublin I extend my deepest sympathies to Trevor’s family and friends. Trevor was a man who served his community as a hard working employee of Dublin City Council and his death has left all those who serve our city in a state of shock.

“The brutal and appalling manner in which his life was taken, while he holidayed with his family in Spain, must mark a watershed in the fight against the scourge of organised criminal violence in our city, which would now seem to even stalk its citizens when they are abroad.”

He added: “If initial reports are correct and this murder is the result of an ongoing criminal feud that has already resulted in numerous deaths in Dublin it marks a new low in its growing list of atrocities.

“In response we must unite together and resolutely stand up to the diabolical puppet masters and their craven henchmen whose actions are bringing such misery.”