Equality and diversity key to Irelands chances in a globalised world

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Equality and diversity key to Ireland’s chances in a globalised world

Dublin City Council and the Gay and Lesbian Equality Network (GLEN) will jointly host ‘Globalisation, Diversity and Economic Renewal’ at the Wood Quay Venue, Dublin 8 on Monday 12th September. This breakfast discussion takes place from 8.30am to 10.30am and will argue that social and cultural diversity are crucial factors in Ireland’s economic renewal in a globalised world.

Dublin’s Lord Mayor, who will open the meeting, says "Dublin is now a multi-cultural city, and this diversity is now part of the identity of the city. Equality and social justice can contribute to Dublin’s international competitiveness and I look forward to listening to the contributions which will be made on this subject today.”

Professor Sean Kay will be the key note speaker and his address will be followed by a panel discussion. Professor Kay is the author of ‘Celtic Revival? The Rise, Fall and Renewal of Global Ireland’. This book argues that even though Ireland has been badly affected by the global recession its prospects in the long-term are positive and that the rest of the world can learn much from Ireland’s experience.

In the book Prof. Kay writes “The trends over the long run are positive. Ireland is embarking on a renewal, and the quality of the Irish people will stead it well as this country embarks on its million small steps into the future. If we are lucky, what emerges in the years to come from the Celtic revival will be Ireland’s most lasting export to the world in the twenty-first century.”

Kieran Rose, Chair of GLEN, says "in order to attract foreign direct investment, international students and tourists, and so to create jobs, we need a city that is open to the world, a welcoming city, a city of equal opportunities."


Notes to the Editor

Panellists are:

  • Prof Francis Ruane, Director ERSI
  • Bernie Cullinan, CEO Clarigen and board member of Science Foundation Ireland
  • Dr. Tom McCarthy Chief Executive Officer, Irish Management Institute
  • Peter Finnegan, Director, Office of International Relations and Research, Dublin City Council
  • Kieran Rose, Senior Planner, Economic Development Unit, Dublin City Council and Chair GLEN

For more information

The link for the web broadcast of the event is: www.livestream.com/GLEN_Live