The Ashtown Ambush and Martin Savage

Cabra Library, Thursday 19 December at 6.30pm    

A history talk to mark the 100th anniversary of the Ashtown Ambush which occured on 19 December 1919, with particular reference to the role of rebel Martin Savage. This talk is part of the Irish Revolution series. If you have an interest in Irish history, this is your chance to delve deeper and learn more about events that shaped the Irish War of Independence.  

Ray Keogh - A Football Life

Drumcondra Library, Tuesday 21 January at 6.30pm  

Ray Keogh was one of the star players for a Drumcondra team that captured the imagination of Irish football fans in the 1960s as they played out a storied rivalry with Shamrock Rovers. Apert from being a skilful attacking player for Drums, Ray was a trailblazer of another sort as he was likely the first black player to play in the League of Ireland. Sports historian Gerard Farrell presents this talk based on archival research and conversations with Ray and his family.  

The Irish Contribution to Colombian Independence

Rathmines Library, Tuesday 3 December at 5.30pm

Discussing the Irish Contribution to Colombian Independence & Colombia - from the bicentennial to the future. With historian and author Tim Fanning and Colombian Professor, Ricardo Urdaneta. A panel discussion organised by the Embassy of Colombia in Ireland, as part of the celebrations of 200 years of Colombian Independence.  

The Great Flood of December 1954

Marino Library, Wednesday 4 December at 6.30pm  

The Great Flood of December 1954 entered the history books as one of the worst weather events in the 20th Century. On the 8 December 1954, the areas of East Wall, North Strand and Fairview were severely affected. A talk featuring images, film footage and eye-witness accounts will provide a brief insight into the profound effect this event had on these local communities.  

C.O.P.D. Information and Support

Ballyfermot Library, Tuesday 19 November at 10.30am

If you or a family member has experience of C.O.P.D., come along to Ballyfermot Library on C.O.P.D. World Day 19 November for practical information and discussion. A Respiratory Nurse, Pharmacist and instructor from Siel Bleu will be present at this information session to provide advice and support.   

Karl MacDermott Author Visit

Terenure Library, Wednesday 13 November at 6.30pm  

Karl MacDermott, author and comedian will read from his short stories collection Juggling with Turnips. He will bring to life some of the characters from selected stories. Karl will also read some poems from his book, including his meditation on how life in Ireland over the decades never seems to change.  

Mary O'Sullivan: Secretary to Dublin's Lord Mayors 1901-1942

Central Library, Friday 22 November at 1.10pm

Mary O'Sullivan gave a witness statement to the Bureau of Military History, which she signed on 4 January 1951. In it she describes more than forty years serving the Lord Mayors of Dublin, but particularly from 1917 to 1924, critical years in the city's history.  Presented by Mary Muldowney, DCC Historian-in-Residence.   

A History of RTE

Rathmines Library, Monday 2 December at 6.30pm   

From its first broadcast on New Year's Eve 1961, RTE has gone through lots of interesting and historic changes, piloting many innovative and forward looking programmes. Join DCC Historian in Residence Maeve Casserly, as she looks at the history of RTE, our national television broadcaster.  

Tourism in Ireland in the 20th Century: selling a nation

Rathmines Library, Monday 18 November at 6.30pm   

Explore a revolutionary time in the Irish tourism industry as Ireland went from second city in the British Empire to an independent nation. Using images from 20th Century guidebooks, maps, magazines and posters, join Maeve Casserly DCC Historian in Residence to discover how we sold the story of Ireland at home and abroad. 

The War of Independence 1919-1921

Pembroke Library, Tuesday 19 November at 6.30pm  

Join Maeve Casserly, DCC Historian-in-Residence for an in depth look at an extraordinary time in the history of our nation.  Maeve will look at the central figures and events that shaped the period 1919-21.