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Art and Text

Homeworks: Art Activity 1 – Looking in/Looking out

Harry Clarke: The Eve of St Agnes

Digital Art Activity - In this short film artist Marie Farrington explores how text has inspired and been incorporated by artists in many diverse ways in their art. Inspired by these artists and using the example of the evocative line from the poem ‘A Disused Shed in Co. Wexford’ by poet Derek Mahon, Marie shows you how to create your own text and share this text, perhaps a line from poetry or literature that inspires you, on your window and  with the wider world Join artist Felicity Clear to explore how the view in and out of windows has inspired artists from the Hugh Lane Gallery’s collection including Norah McGuinness, Ernest Hayes and Louis le Brocquy. In this short film, Felicity suggests ways to look around you in your own environment to create drawings inspired by looking in and looking out. Online Talk- Jessica O’Donnell, Head of Education at the Hugh Lane Gallery provides fascinating insight into symbolism of ‘The Eve of St Agnes’ by Harry Clarke, which was originally created for Harold Jacob of Jacob's Biscuits repute and inspired by Keats’s famous poem of the same title.   Find out how it came to be in the Hugh Lane Gallery collection.
Teens/Adults Adults Adults

Stained Glass inspired Artwork for children

This Lunar Life Part 1

This Lunar Life Part 2

Digital art activity for children - Artist Megan Scott will show how to make your own stained glass inspired artwork using coloured sweet wrappers, inspired by the beautiful fluid colours of James Scanlon's stained glass artwork 'Study No. 2 for Miró' in the Hugh Lane Gallery's collection. In this engaging and illustrated talk, artist Sarah Edmondson discusses how the moon and human interaction with the lunar landscape have been critically explored by a variety of artists in their work. This is Part 1 of a two part series exploring This Lunar Life. Digital Art Activity - In Part 2 of This Lunar Life, artist Sarah Edmondson explores the moon in film and art and suggests an art activity you might like to try.
7-10 years 13-18 13 - 18

Wabi-Sabi and Beauty in Everyday Life Part 1

Wabi-Sabi: The Beauty in Everyday Life Part 2

Make your own Concertina Style Sketchbook

In this illustrated talk artist Beth O'Halloran explores the idea of wabi-sabi and beauty in everyday life, comparing concepts of what is considered beautiful in the East and in the West.  Beth also explores the work of artists and her own practice through this lens. Art Activity - In Part 2 of our Wabi-Sabi series, artist Beth O'Halloran has created  a worksheet that explores the Philosophy of Wabi-sabi through drawing.  Having watched the film in Part 1,  you could walk around your environment  to find accidental marks and use tracing paper to draw them.  You could make drawings of left-behind marks such as cracks, seams, a snail trail, raindrops on the window, a coffee spill and lots more. Digital Art Activity for children

Join artist Ashleigh Downey in making your own Concertina Style Sketchbook.  Watch this short film, gather your materials and follow the instructions  A sketchbook can be a great way of collecting ideas for your art.  Video has subtitles.
Teen/Adult Teen/Adult 7 - 10 years

Suzanne Walking in Leather Skirt

Make your own Thaumatrope

Leaving Cert: The Gallery Question – A Virtual Tour of the Francis Bacon Studio

Digital talk on Suzanne Walking in a Leather Skirt by Julian Opie with lecturer Sarah Dunne O'Connell.  No doubt many of you are familiar with LED installation of Suzanne outside the entrance to the Hugh Lane Gallery.  Find out more about the wonderful Julian Opie: Walking on O'Connell exhibition of 2008 curated by Barbara Dawson,  Director of the Hugh Lane Gallery. Digital Art Activity for children
Watch this short video clip to learn how to make a Thaumatrope - an optical toy popular in the 19th Century - guided by artist Helena Gouveia Monteiro, who was inspired by the artwork Thoroughbred Horse Walking by Edgar Degas in the Hugh Lane Gallery collection.
This illustrated talk with Kimberly Griffith provides some background on the Architecture of Charlemont House and explores the Francis Bacon studio complex with the aim of assisting students prepare for the Gallery Question in advance of next year's Leaving Certificate paper. We hope it is of assistance prior to visiting or as a post-visit art education resource once the gallery fully opens for tours.
Adults 7 - 12  years 16 - 19 years

Make your own Hugh Lane Gallery

Homeworks – Art activity 2: Still Live

Lavacourt Under Snow by Claude Monet

Art Activity
Using the printable templates provided by artist Rebecca Shelford, make your own Hugh Lane Gallery at home. Glue on all the beautiful classical features of the building and then attach some wings to make the forecourt. The Hugh Lane Gallery is a gallery of modern art. Do you have a favourite artist? Why not fill the box with your own wonderful artwork and paint the walls with lovely colours for your exhibition
In the second part of our Homeworks series, join artist Felicity Clear to explore ways of creating a Still Life artwork from items in your own home. In this short film Felicity looks at Still Life works by William Orpen and Édouard Vuillard from the Hugh Lane Gallery collection to suggest different still life arrangements and shows you how to create your own viewfinder to assist the creative process.  Contains subtitles. Digital talk by Logan Sisley, Exhibitions Curator at the Hugh Lane Gallery on Lavacourt Under Snow by Claude Monet  from the Hugh Lane Gallery collection.
7 - 12 years Teen/Adult Adults

Create a Micro, Marbled Landscape activity for children

Homeworks: Art Activity 3 – Landscape and Memory

Hugh Lane Gallery - What's going on in this artwork?

7 - 10 years Adults Adults

Hugh Lane Gallery - What's going on in this artwork?

A Space to Create - illustrated publication


What's going on in this artwork?

Thursday 1 October 2020, 11am

Are you interested in art and would like to discuss  artworks on display? Join us for a free Visual Thinking Strategies (VTS) discussion for adults where we will be looking at and hearing each other's opinions of what we think is going on in the artwork. No experience necessary. Advanced booking required.
Education is central to young people's appreciation of the arts and the Hugh Lane Gallery actively encourages both participation and appreciation in the visual arts through a schedule of innovative projects and programmes. These projects are carried out both in the gallery within the context of the permanent collection and exhibitions and in the wider community in the context of the urban neighbourhood.  'A Space to Create' was one such project which saw the Hugh Lane Gallery’s collaboration with the Foundations Project between 2017 and early 2020 which sought to offer children caught up in the uncertainty of living in temporary accommodation opportunities for enjoying the creative space and immersion in the cultural life of their city, Dublin. Following initial conversations between the Foundations Project, a CDETB and HSE initiative for people using homeless services, and the Hugh Lane’s education department, a series of artist-led workshops for children took place at the Hugh Lane.  As the gallery for the city of Dublin, the Hugh Lane’s connectivity with Dublin’s communities is one of its main priorities. In our learning programmes, children are offered opportunities for understanding and contributing to the artistic life that surrounds them by engaging with artworks in the collection as well as exploring their own creative potential. There is also the opportunity for enjoying a beautiful civic space that is open and free. Looking at and making art contributes to all aspects of learning. Involvement in our community’s cultural life is an important element in enhancing children’s sense of belonging. By making the gallery more permeable, community engagement projects can enrich the lives of children, contribute towards mutual understanding and broaden horizons for all. An illustrated publication celebrating the creativity of the children during this project can be viewed through the link below.
Jessica O'Donnell
Head of Education and Community Outreach
Hugh Lane Gallery