The NEIC Social Inclusion Week Arts Festival

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Brazilian and Irish community groups collaborated to present an event which intended to raise and promote awareness around cultural interaction. It gives an opportunity for people to enjoy Brazilian and Irish rhythms, dance, street art and culture, and to look for opportunities where both cultures find new ways to collaborate. The event’s aim was to raise awareness about the challenges of minority ethnic background communities, including members of the Traveller’s community, migrants, refugees, and people in need of international protection. The event was organised by the Five Lamps Arts Festival, Go Dance For Change and Moinho Music in partnership with Different Rhythm, Lambe Lambe Lab and Smile Collective and was hosted at Mud Island Community Garden. It was supported by Dublin City Council and North East Inner City (NEIC).

The panel created by Lambe Lambe Lab at the Mud Island Community Garden as legacy for both communities, was inspired by “Dual Citizenship” by artist Denise Chaila, Zambian-Irish rapper, poet, grime and hip-hop artist from Limerick. The song brings a feeling that is shared among diverse communities and also highlights the same feelings that connect everyone. The team cut parts of the lyrics to put alongside diverse faces and even a large panel with a moment of communion between the Irish community and Brazilian music. The panel remains on display at Mud Island. 

Live Streamed Event at 7pm

Here is the link for the Friday 2nd October – 7.00pm – 8.00pm session which is also shared on The Five Lamps Arts Festival | Instagram | Facebook