Radio programme "The Russian Show”

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Radio programme ""The Russian Show"" is broadcast on Dublincity 103.2 FM radio station every Mondays at 8.30 pm- 52 programmes a year!  The Show serves as a source of education, information and encouragement to Russian-speaking people in the country.  It also features some of the best Russian music, and bridges the gap between the Russian-speaking community and the people of Dublin. "The Russian Show" has been on air in Ireland for 25 years already and is very popular both among the Russian-speaking and Irish listeners who learn Russian, wish to know about Russia and contribute to the integrity of the multi-national community in Ireland.

The programme is run by its chief editor and presenter Svetlana Maksimova (Niralana). The programme aims at helping Russian-speaking people in Ireland - Russians, Latvians, Lithuanians, Ukrainians and others - communicate, find solutions to their problems. By its character programme is mostly educational, of magazine style, with stories about health, travelling, includes also a children’s' corner with fairy tales, contests, as well as latest news, interesting facts about Ireland, and music. The guests of each Show are taking part in discussions on various topics, they are researchers, investigators, diplomats, teachers and many interesting people from all over the world. Russian Hour Show is a unique Monday evening radio talk show that takes a comprehensive look at the issues and challenges affecting our lives from local elections to reforms in the countries where our listeners are from, from interculturalism to international conflicts, from history and current affairs to future trends, from social and political sciences to emerging technologies, from human origins to the future of humanity, nothing is off limits."