The Meeting Place Club - Supporting Children /Teenagers under the Spectrum

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Podcast - Thursday 1st October – 1pm – 4pm

Supported by Dublin City Council and in association with Child vision, the Meeting Place Club (MPAC) , based in Finglas, brought a horse box up to their allotments and showcased the sensory interaction of using the 4 A’s therapy, in early September. The families’ social distanced in the area of 14 allotments and on the surrounding land. This fun day allowed for social inclusion in a disability setting of community and family.

A subsequent day of inclusion in the community was held in mid-September, with horticultural therapist Sean Keating demonstrating how to eat healthier on a budget. The MPAC ran a programme of edible food: cooking /growing /planting/ and developing a craft concept, to encourage disability awareness and ability, facilitating an environment of empathy /wellness /and understanding of high functioning disability. Special mention to Jack, James and Thomas who hadn’t met since Lockdown, tasting our amazing products from our allotments whilst learning new ways to support our gut and mental health wellness. Our fairy garden preparation continues too.

The podcasts from the event can be viewed here: