Dublin City Age Friendly

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Supporting older people to stay healthy, independent and to participate in community life.

Far too often, older people are stereotyped and excluded. Negative images of age and ageing can result in disrespectful behaviour. Some ageism biases that exist can result in older people feeling that they are not listened to and are a burden on society.

Dublin City Age Friendly programme aims to counter ageism and prejudice through promoting age awareness and informing the general public about the rights, needs and potential of the diversity of older people, and highlighting their social, economic and cultural contribution to the city. 2020 Social Inclusion Week is all about supporting people and providing opportunities to engage, irrespective of age or ability. It highlights Dublin City Council’s commitment to these principles through the various events hosted during this week.

Dublin was the first capital city in the world to adopt a citywide approach to becoming age friendly. In December 2019, Ireland became the first country to be acknowledged as age-friendly by the World Health Organisation, recognising the efforts of 31 local authorities to implement age friendly policies and practises.

Six Dublin City Council Public Libraries received a “Business Recognition Award” which is a testament to Dublin City Council’s commitment to making facilities more age friendly.

As a result of Covid-19, Dublin’s older citizens were asked to self-isolate and this sadly excluded many from participating in normal everyday activities. To support and engage with older people during these challenging times, Dublin City Council in partnership with Alone, are working together to provide a “Community Response” through a telephone support line and    more specialised assistance if required.

Dublin City Age Friendly  and Dublin City Sport and Wellbeing Partnership developed an exercise booklet for older adults Stay Home Stay Active Stay Healthy which  recommended being active for 30 minutes a day whilst cocooning. A follow -up information booklet, Let's Get Moving Again is also being distributed throughout the city. This booklet is not only a great resource over the next few months, but its contents can be used beyond Covid-19, to help people become more active and resume activities that they enjoy.   

Older People’s Councils (OPCs) have been established in the five administrative areas of the city, to enable the direct and active involvement of older adults in local decision making and have their voices heard. They also provide a reliable flow of accessible information about community news and activities, keeping our older citizens connected and involved. The current pandemic has prevented face to face interaction; however, Community Development Officers continue to provide support and links wherever possible.        

Dublin City Age Friendly will continue to provide Age Friendly Business Recognition Training, Dementia Awareness and Public Realm Training, and act as consultants on a variety of in-house projects, encouraging them to continue consulting with our older citizens.