'Holding It Together Apart’

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Is a Community Development project aimed at helping people to maintain their physical, spiritual and mental wellbeing while isolated and at home with Covid 19. Developed by Declan Hayden, Community and Development Manager in South East Area, DCC and Muirne Bloomer, Artistic Director and Choreographer, the project was envisaged as a response to arising needs in the community following the COVID 19 Restrictions.

The unprecedented challenge for people staying at home sees new and difficult stresses at various levels. For the person living alone, increased loneliness, lack of engagement, confinement in one space brings one challenge. For the family space and entertaining maintaining sanity, calm and equilibrium in the daily routine brings others. Cocooning in a small apartment is very different than a house with a garden.  Mental Health is a very core issue for all. The project has developed a wide range of activities and interesting projects for all ages and backgrounds that were easy to do and could be followed anytime by individuals and are there for long term access.  We have classes with many great artists, creative developers and professionals, many who worked with us in the Dublin City Area on ongoing projects who are challenged with very little work in their area who were also struggling with the lock down.

These classes range from dance, meditation, movement and creative practice to help engage all members of families and households in staying active and calm, to cooking, Disney dances, fun science, juggling, flower arranging and our most successful community engagement has been in our creative writing and pandemic pooch competitions.