Lord Mayor’s Social Inclusion Week Speech

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When we speak of diversity we are not speaking about “other” people. When we speak of diversity we are speaking about ourselves. We are all diverse, unique and special. Diversity is the traits and characteristics that make us unique.

Inclusion is the way we behave. The way we can make others feel welcome or a part of our shared society.

We approach Social Inclusion Week this year having stood together in society, having shown incredible strength, resilience and support for others less able or fortunate around us. Through the challenges of Covid our kindness and spirit has shone through in extraordinarily challenging times.

We wish to extend this through Social Inclusion Week this year with the theme of Belonging, Including, Participating. It is about maintaining and growing those connections and partnerships, creating access for all and most importantly everyone taking ownership and taking action.

Extending the arms of Social Inclusion Week this year we wish to highlight the incredible work being done across Dublin City Council to promote diversity and social inclusion. In the absence of physical events this year, our Social Inclusion Unit have showcased an extensive and invigorating programme of online events, workshops, podcasts and webinars emphasising a broad spectrum of collaborations both within Dublin City Council and other agencies, fundamental to our civic welfare.

I would like to extend my thanks and gratitude to Imelda Brehony and her team for putting together such a stimulating programme in a challenging environment and invite everyone to take part in the Social Inclusion Week programme.

To be a truly inclusive city we must all take action and responsibility, so in the words of the Intercultural Cities “Everyone must play their part”, the question is, what will yours be?