Maintaining Playfulness for 2020 Social Inclusion Week

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The unforeseen events regarding the Covid19 Global Pandemic have practically changed the world overnight. The key aim for those working with children and young people at play has been to continue to advocate for play as vital to children’s overall health and wellbeing, particularly their mental health. For Dublin City Council, the challenge has been to maintain a focus on the development of a child friendly and playful city by continuing to implement planned and responsive measures that support children and young people’s play. The following resources are a reminder of the importance of play for children and young people and can be used as prompts for play:

 ‘Let’s Play Ireland’

During March and April 2020, the Department of Children and Youth Affairs set up a working group to develop the ‘Let’s Play Ireland’ initiative . DCC were involved in a somewhat timely event that provides resources to support children and young people by acknowledging their right to play just for the joy of it – play for play’s sake.

National Playday 2020 & ‘Let’s Play Inside Out!’  

DCC’s National Playday 2020 Virtual event ‘Let’s Play inside out!’ took place on involved the creation of a virtual space which has now become the DCC Playday Web Page  This virtual space now provides short ‘how to’ videos that include variety, challenge and freedom of choice. Children and young people can use these ongoing resources as prompts to decide the content and intent of their own play.

‘Come on out and play!’  Resource Booklet

DCC’s Play Development online ‘play’ resource also includes the City Council’s ‘Come on out and play!’ booklet and International Play Association’ ‘Play in Crisis’ booklets. Both provide useful resources for parents and carers that includes a range of self-help resources that will support them to understand what their children are experiencing as they try to play through this Global Pandemic.

So, let’s go to DCC’s Play Web Page  and enjoy all the fun on offer!