MUDEM Refugee Support Centre - Storytelling: Creating an Evidence-based Narrative around Migration

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Eventbrite - Wednesday 30th September – 6.00pm – 7.30pm – LIVE EVENT

The topic migration can be sometimes discouraging and difficult to discuss. Our event will give migrant people and the host communities a voice. We will create a safe environment in which participants can discuss and learn to sympathize with other opinions. The motto of this event is: "At the end we realize these aren't just migrant stories, they are human stories. They are OUR stories. "Firstly we will discuss about correct terminology, culture, inclusion and diversity, stereotyping and prejudices as concepts. (Informative session) Then, we will use storytelling technique in order to  make all participants tell their own stories here in Ireland, the challenges they have  and craft an evidence based narrative. We welcome applicants from host and migrant communities to promote diversity and inclusion.