Race and Place in the City

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WALK - Tuesday 29th September – 11.00am – 12.00noon - LIVE EVENT

This walking tour, based on the 500m stretch of Lower Gardiner Street, explores the relationship between race, place and faith and invites participants to reflect on our understandings of social inclusion in Ireland as we weave together local history and theology. How did the singing of a racist hymn in a local church reach the bookshelves of millions? Was a church caretaker living just off the street actually a slave owner? How did the historic landlord-tenant relationship in the area lead to the eviction of 21st-century migrant-led churches? The one-hour tour is facilitated by Richard Carson, CEO of ACET Ireland, who has partnered with diverse faith communities, including in the North East Inner City, for the past 11 years.

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Covid text: Please bring masks to wear and prepare to social distance in a safe manner that will not restrict pedestrian or other traffic. Contact richard.c@acet.ie