Visual History Museum at RICC - The Story behind Ringsend/Irishtown

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Covid 19 has brought many challenges for the Ringsend & Irishtown Community Centre (RICC). Our newly refurbished Centre would normally be a busy hub of activity. But when the Government announced widespread closures of schools on 12th March due to Covid 19 we knew we would have to change how the Centre would do their business serving the Community.

The aim of the project is to produce a visual History Museum displaying pictures and information on the History of Ringsend & Irishtown. The project will consist of several parts.

  • We will establish a group from each flat complex to work on their area in O Rahilly Flats/Whelan House/Cannon Mooney Gardens & George Reynolds. 
  • We will also build workshops with the young people in the schools and youth service doing research on the area, working with the older people to compare growing up in there era compared to the current climate.
  • We will collect all the information and transfer it to a wallpaper finish which will be displayed around the Centre.

We want to create an experience for users to the Centre during their visit while giving the Community ownership of their Centre. We have a small display in our new cafe area in the Centre of old Ringsend & Irishtown black and white photos. It is very well received by the users of the Centre. The project will be ongoing over the approx next 18+ months. We are also now linked in with a new Ringsend Historical Society who are also looking at projects in the wider Community. It’s all relatively new at this stage and has great potential for developing the history of the area for the Community.