'Eyes For You' - A New Sculpture by Eileen MacDonagh Installed in Belmayne

Dublin City Council and Cairn Homes are pleased to announce the installation of a new artwork by sculptor Eileen MacDonagh in Belmayne, Dublin.  The artwork which is sculpted in Wicklow granite is titled ‘Eyes for You’ is now installed in a new public open space within Cairn Homes Parkside Development.
The new installation is the latest addition to the landscaped development and reflects the mutual dedication of Dublin City Council and Cairn Homes to high quality place making in new neighbourhoods. The  City Council and Cairn Homes approached sculptor Eileen MacDonagh to come up with a unique piece for the site, that would reflect the local heritage and work within a residential landscape.
Leslie Moore, Head of Park Services in Dublin City Council said "The location of this artwork meets the City Council’s policy to see a de-centralisation of art in the city’s open spaces so that more residents can have a greater opportunity to enjoy art."
Sculptor Eileen MacDonagh commented “When I was approached by Cairn Homes to make a sculpture for Parkside, I visited the site to look around and see if there was something from the area that would give me a starting point for the sculpture design.  I found this in the name of the road ’Hole in The Wall Road’. This is what stuck in my head and eventually gave rise to the two holes in the stone.  I titled it ‘Eyes For You’ because they resemble eyes looking out. The sculpture stands at 3m high and weighs 5 ton.”
Speaking about his involvement in the new installation, Daibhí Mac Domhnaill, Head of Landscape and Urban Design, Cairn Homes said, “We believe that a development is not just about houses - the outdoor space is just as important. Working with a talented sculptor such as Eileen allowed us to work together to create something that would enhance the local area and give our residents something to enjoy every day. At Cairn Homes, we strive to ensure the surrounding outdoor environment surpasses both residents’ and visitors’ expectations and with this latest installation, we feel we have achieved just that.”
Notes to the Editor:
Biography - Eileen MacDonagh
Eileen MacDonagh was born in Co.Sligo and has worked as a sculptor since the early 1980s. Her work has featured in many exhibitions, both in Ireland and abroad, including shows in Portugal, Scotland, India and Japan. Eileen has both organised and participated in many symposia, in Ireland and abroad; her work is included in numerous collections, such as the OPW, Kilkenny and Cork County Councils, Marley Park, Dublin and Tawara Newtown, Osaka, Japan.
MacDonagh works mainly in stone to produce large scale sculptures. Due to the scale of her work, she has tended to concentrate on Public Art Commissions although she has also exhibited in the context of the gallery exhibitions. She received a Diploma in Sculpture at the School of Art, Regional Technical College, Sligo, Ireland (1974–79) and an Art Teachers Certificate from the Limerick School of Art & Design (1979–80). MacDonagh’s first solo exhibition in 1992,Truss, showed large scale works made from both wood and stone. MacDonagh has continued through her career as a sculptor taking on large scale projects, and has built up a large body of public art since across Ireland and in other countries.
She is deeply influenced by books such as Robert Lawlor’s Sacred Geometry and Fritjof Kapra’s The Tao of Physics in which formal patterns are linked to ideas, religions and to the physical make-up of the universe. She has investigated the colour, texture and density of granite and limestone, as well as the challenge of working on a large scale. In recent years she has undertaken large scale public works in stainless steel – The Medusa Tree (2009) for VISUAL, The Contemporary Art Centre, Carlow and – The Tallaght Cross(2008).