Festival of History Reads

Dublin Festival of HistoryThis year's Dublin Festival of History promises to engage and challenge history lovers with a diverse range of interesting talks.  Topics on the programme include Ireland's sporting history, Stalin's personal library, Hillsborough, modern Middle East, the Chinese Cultural Revolution, the raid on Entebbe airport and World War I and II. 

We have put together a book list as we are sure you will want to know more about these interesting areas after attending the talks. All books are available to borrow from our libraries and the pop up library at the Festival.

Dublin Festival of History takes place all over Dublin city from 23 September to 8 October. Once again the Festival programme offers lectures, film, walking tours and exhibitions. History will be brought to people’s doorsteps via the city’s branch library network with a series of talks and workshops.

Rhinestone Cowboys

One of the more idiosyncratic aspects of public library layout is the corralling of 'Wild West' novels into their own distinct section...or should that be 'reservation'. Whether this is a form of literary apartheid against genre fiction or a mere reflection of borrower demand is moot (I strongly suspect the latter rather than the former). If you have been unable to take the Western seriously since the infamous 'campfire' scene in Blazing Saddles, here are four literary masterpieces that will restore your faith in the genre.

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