Greyhound buys Dublin City Councils bin service

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Dublin City Council and Greyhound Recycling and Recovery have announced the transfer of the City Council’s commercial and domestic waste collection business to Greyhound Recycling and Recovery in a deal which is estimated to save the Council in the region of €60 million over the next six years.

The transfer of the business consolidates Greyhound Recycling and Recovery’s position as Ireland’s largest collector of domestic and recyclable waste.

The Clondalkin based company will take over control of collecting the green, brown and grey bins from the City Council’s 140,000 customers on 16th January 2012. It has been contracted to collect the City Council’s green bin recycling waste for the last three years.

The agreement reached ensures that Greyhound Recycling and Recovery will maintain the current scale of charges for the first six months and that Greyhound Recycling and Recovery may apply an increase to bin charges to off-set the next increase to the Government’s landfill levy which is due to take effect in July, 2012.

The waiver scheme currently in place in the City Council area will remain in force throughout 2012.

“The City Council is very happy with the details of this deal. All existing customers will see a seamless transfer from collection by the City Council to the new arrangement with Greyhound Recycling and Recovery,” said Seamus Lyons, Assistant City Manager.

“Collection calendars will not be affected and customers can expect to receive the same level of service as previously delivered by the City Council. The Council will be writing to all of its domestic and commercial customers over the coming weeks to give them full details of the new arrangement,” he added.

The deal is the second that Greyhound has completed this year having purchased South Dublin County Council’s waste collection business last March.

“We are delighted that we have been appointed as the successful bidder by Dublin City Council and we look forward to providing customers with the best service and value for money,” said Michael Buckley, CEO of Greyhound Recycling and Recovery.

“Our appointment will help Dublin City Council to save in the region of €60 million over the next six years and assures customers that we will recycle more of their waste than any other waste collector,” he added.

“We send less material to landfill and we are in a position to offer customers the most competitive prices because of the higher recycling and recovery rates that we achieve,” said Mr. Buckley.

Greyhound Recycling and Recovery has also invested in new on-line technology which allows customers to view all of their account details, their bin lift history, grey, green and brown bin collection calendars and to track how much waste they are recycling. Greyhound were advised on the deal by Dan Ennis from Kish Capital.