History on Your Doorstep

City Council encourages Dubliners to learn about ‘History on Your Doorstep’

If you’re looking for something to do at home during lockdown, Dublin City Council is urging everyone to learn all about the history on their own doorstep.

Did Molly Malone really die of a fever? How did some of Dublin’s best known streets get their name? Why does Rosie Hackett have her own bridge? These are all questions that the City Council has answers to.

From live Facebook talks on the history of street names and places, to illustrated videos about the statues on O’Connell Street, and a selection of podcasts from international and Irish historians, The History on Your Doorstep programme has something for everyone.

Why not check out the 40,000 digital photos we have online of Dublin in the rare aul times?

“You may not know that you’re surrounded by history and heritage, in the streets and buildings that make up our city and suburbs. So while you stay at home, visit the city from the comfort of your own living room,” said Brendan Teeling, Deputy City Librarian.  

History on your Doorstep is brought to you by the Libraries section of Dublin City Council.

Available for interview: Brendan Teeling, Deputy City Librarian