Dublin City Public Participation Network (PPN)

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Dublin City Council has established the Dublin City Public Participation Network (PPN), with a Secretariat elected at the Plenary Meeting on the 20th May 2015.  The objective of the PPN is to promote an active formal role for groups with policy making and oversight committees within Dublin City Council and to disseminate information to members.

Linkage Groups

Linkage groups are special interest groups open to all PPN members.  The groups are formed to provide a link between the PPN representatives on committees and the groups they represent. Linkage groups are designed to ensure that representatives represent the entire PPN and not just their own groups.

Register with Dublin City PPN

The Dublin City PPN provides groups and organisations who register:

  • Opportunities to influence decision and policy making by electing representatives to Dublin City Council committees
  • Information on funding, grants and initiatives of interest
  • Training opportunities
  • Networking opportunities to meet other groups.

Who can register?

All local, voluntary and ‘not for profit’ groups and organisations can register with the PPN.

The Secretariat is the administrative group set up to run the PPN. It works on a voluntary basis. It calls Plenary meetings and supports the plenary.  The Secretariat oversees elections to different Local Government committees.

The new and 3rd PPN Secretariat were elected in December 2018.  Many thanks to the outgoing secretariat who played a great part in getting the Dublin City PPN up and running over the last year.


Name Group/Organisation Pillar
John Redmond Lakeglen Residents Association Community
Liam Kelly Wadelai/Hillcrest & District Residents Association Community
Rachel Rooney George Reynolds Residents Association Community
Ann Marie Ellison Meeting Place Arch Club (MPAC) Social Inclusion
Deirdre Lynch Not So Different Social Inclusion
Gerry Kerr Fighting Blindness Social Inclusion

Currently there are vacancies for the Environmental category, any interested and active members of environmental groups would be very welcome. Please e-mail your interest to: ppn@dublincity.ie

Register with Dublin City Public Participation Network :

For further information, please contact ppn@dublincity.ie, phone (01) 222 3851 or go to www.dublincityppn.ie