I’m Dreaming of a Green Christmas


The Eastern-Midlands Regional Waste Office (EMWRO) has put together a handy guide to greening your Christmas to help reduce or reuse your waste at Christmas time. Between food and wrapping paper, household waste increases by about one third over the festive period.

“Cutting down on waste at Christmas doesn’t have to mean cutting down on enjoyment but a Greener Christmas probably will reduce your costs and possibly make for a less stressful holiday”, said Hugh Coughlan, the Regional Waste Office coordinator, “Having a Green Christmas means you can be both naughty and nice!” 

Below are some tips so that this Christmas, you can give the gift of kindness to the environment and your pocket:

  • Ensure waste is put in the correct bins – green bin for wrapping paper, paper plates etc; brown bin for any unavoidable food waste (including those unwanted Brussels sprouts!)
  • Instead of Christmas cards, a growing trend is to send e-cards or post a festive greeting on social media then make use of the extra cash by donating to a charity of your choice

For more tips on having a Green Christmas, see www.emwr.ie