It’s getting hot in here!

Dublin City Council is proud to bring you the return of the ‘Hotter than July’ festival.

The festival is an annual celebration of the cultural diversity within Dublin city through the medium of music from around the world.

We’ve had to make some changes this year due to the Covid 19 restrictions, but we’re excited to be back again.

This year all events will be streamed online at and then hosted on Dublin City Council’s YouTube channel.

“This is the 7th year of the ‘Hotter than July’ festival and it’s getting bigger all the time,” said the Lord Mayor of Dublin Hazel Chu. “Maybe this summer more than ever before, we need to have events like this to remind us all about the joy of music.”

The festival runs from July 17th – July 26th, and features a number of events aimed at people of all ages including concerts, storytelling, and even workshops on how to make your own instrument.

The festival is presented by Dublin City Council and Improvised Music Company.