Job searchers can get free and expert help from Dublin City libraries

Any jobseeker out there who thinks finding the right job is impossible can relax because free and expert help is at hand. This autumn, Dublin City Public Libraries will offer a free programme of talks which will set job seekers on the path to success.
The talks will appeal to all job-seekers, regardless of their experience in the jobs market, and are sure to give applicants the confidence they need to help them get a job.
The talks will focus on three main areas:
• Creating a winning CV with Trish Callanan and Aoife Prendergast
• The On-line job Search with Greg Fry and Rowan Manahan
• Interview Preparation and Techniques with Declan Farrell
A team of experienced professionals will be available over three weeks beginning on Monday 6th October at four city library locations: Cabra , Coolock, Ballyfermot and Walkinstown. Admission is free but booking is advised at the individual libraries (see below).
For Further Information please contact: 
Dublin City Council Media Relations Office T. (01) 222 2170, M. 087 740 0277.
Cabra Library: Tel. 8691414, Coolock: Tel. 8477781, Ballyfermot: Tel. 6269324 and Walkinstown: Tel. 4558159 
Full Programme and information on speakers:
Creating a Winning CV 
• Monday 6th October - Walkinstown Library, with Trish Callanan
• Tuesday 7th October - Coolock Library, with Trish Callanan
• Wednesday 8th October - Cabra Library, with Aoife Prendergast 
• Thursday 9th October - Ballyfermot Library, with Aoife Prendergast
The Online Job Search 
• Monday 13th October - Walkinstown Library, with Greg Fry
• Tuesday 14th October - Coolock Library, with Greg Fry
• Wednesday 15th October - Cabra Library, with Rowan Manahan
• Thursday 16th October - Ballyfermot Library, with Rowan Manahan
Interview Preparation and Techniques with Declan Farrell
• Monday 20th October - Walkinstown Library 
• Tuesday 21st October - Coolock Library
• Wednesday 22nd October - Cabra Library
• Thursday 23rd October - Ballyfermot Library
Trish Callanan. Trish is a HR business partner and career development coach. She provides Strategic Human Resource Management and Executive Development to organisations. Trish brings a unique blend of key experiences from both the aviation sector and the health services sector. Listen to her tips on how to improve your CV.
Aoife Pendergast. Aoife is a native of Louisburgh, Co. Mayo, and a graduate of NUI Galway (BSc and Master’s Degree in Health Promotion). She has worked extensively in training and lecturing in both the UK and Ireland. Join us and make sure that your CV is up to par.
Greg Fry. Greg holds a Diploma in Business and Life Coaching and a Marketing degree. He also founded Careers Coach, a consultation firm dedicated to helping people advance their careers. With 10 years of recruitment experience in the Irish and US markets, come see what Greg Fry can do to help your online job search.
Rowan Manahan. With a professional track record in the multinational sector and years of consulting and training experience, Rowan’s messages of clarity, focus and practical solution will resonate with audiences across the board and bring a new dimension to your online job search.
Declan Farrell. Declan, a senior consultant with Carr Communications, is a specialist in individual and group interview techniques, coaching, communication and training strategies. Acquire all the knowledge you will need to make the right impression on a future employer.