Launch of Dublin City Interfaith Charter

The Lord Mayor of Dublin Brendan Carr launches the newly adopted Charter of the Dublin City Interfaith Forum at a reception in the Mansion House, Dawson Street, at 11.30 a.m. on Tuesday 20th December, 2016.

The Charter has been agreed and signed by representatives of the Dublin City Interfaith Forum and deals with issues including religious freedom, inter-faith dialogue and the promotion of religious diversity in the city. Having committed to this Charter, the Forum propose to agree a schedule of projects and programmes in partnership with Dublin City Council to further its aims.

Speaking about the event the Lord Mayor said “It is my pleasure to welcome representatives from the various religious bodies involved through the Dublin City Interfaith Forum with the creation of this farseeing Charter. Dublin has always enjoyed a very open attitude to different communities and cultures and this charter further reaffirms our commitment to this at a time when intolerance would appear to be more widespread amongst different nations.”

According to Michael O’Sullivan, Chair of the Interfaith Forum, “It is intended that the new Interfaith Charter will provide the platform for educating and encouraging people of different faiths to dialogue and act together in challenging all forms of injustice and discrimination.  Echoing recent media comments from the Minister for Integration, David Stanton TD, Mr. O’Sullivan said that the Interfaith Forum is committed to work alongside other agencies to influence and support the integration process on many levels.”

Archbishop of Dublin Most Rev Dr. Michael Jackson said, “The Lord Mayor’s involvement in the Dublin City Interfaith Charter is a proactive contribution by The First Citizen to the life of the city and its communities in the areas of Faith and Culture.  I commend it to everyone as a charter of respect and diversity.”

Sheikh Hussein Halawa, Chair of the Irish Council of Imams said, “The most significant contribution we can make now is to help people to live confidently with religious diversity, and to dispel fear of differences, the fear of the ‘other’.  The Interfaith Charter will enable faith communities to develop better understanding, relationships of deeper respect and acceptance of each other as human beings.”


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Notes to the Editor:

Dublin City Interfaith Forum (DCIF) is a network of people from the different Faith Communities in the City of Dublin. It aims to create awareness and dialogue through building relationships that nurture harmony, and deepen understanding and respect.

The World Faiths currently present and active in Dublin City and represented on DCIF are: Baha’i, Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Islam, Judaism and Sikhism.

DCIF works with interested members of faith communities to deliver interfaith gatherings and activities in Dublin City. Recognising the diverse nature of the backgrounds of the residents of Dublin, DCIF seeks to provide the space and opportunity for Faith Communities to build relationships with and between Dublin City communities, statutory and voluntary organisations and the residents of Dublin City.

Running Order for event on 20th December, 2017:

  • 11.30 pm        Arrival at Mansion House
  • 11.40 pm        Setting the Scene - Address from Archbishop of Dublin Most Rev Dr Michael Jackson
  • 11.50 pm        Interfaith Charter Readings – by school children (4 school children will read from Charter)
  • 12.10 pm        Speech from Lord Mayor of Dublin Brendan Carr and Launch of Dublin City Interfaith Charter
  • 12.20 pm        Signing the Dublin City Interfaith Charter by Dublin City Religious Leaders/Photo Op
  • 12.30 pm        Question and Answers Session
  • 12.40 pm        Refreshments served
  • 13.00 pm        Thanks and Close