Dublin City Local Economic & Community Plan 2016 - 2021

The Dublin City Local Economic and Community Plan (LECP) 2016 – 2021  was developed during 2015 by  Dublin City Local Community Development Committee  and the Economic Development and Enterprise Strategic Policy Committee. It was adopted by  Dublin City Council in December 2015.

The Dublin City LECP is made up of two documents:

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An Action Plan for 2018 A six-year strategy document
An Action Plan for 2017 An Action Plan for 2016

Actions in the Annual Plan are monitored by the relevant Strategic Policy Committees of Dublin City Council and reports on actions are submitted annually to the Local Community Development Committees ( LCDC) and the Economic Development and Enterprise SPC for overall monitoring and review.

Furthermore, during 2017, the two committees will work on developing the LECP in the following ways:

  • Update the socio-economic profile for the City (see below for some Dublin City social, economic and population statistics)
  • Identify any gaps, duplication or areas for potential collaboration between agencies in local economic development or community development activity across the City
  • Report back to local communities with feedback on the consultations that were carried out across the City during 2016
  • Liaise with the various organisations with an economic remit within Dublin City towards developing a programme of collaborative actions for the subsequent years of the LECP
  • Further engagement with public and publicly-funded bodies to agree strategic priorities for the City
  • Work with the relevant agencies to develop the Dublin Region Action Plan for Jobs

Updates on the work outlined above will be made available here.

For further information please email lecp@dublincity.ie

Community contact: Elaine Hess, Phone 01  222 6704, Email: elaine.hess@dublincity.ie

Economic contact: Local Enterprise Office, Phone: 01 222 5611, Email: info@leo.dublincity.ie

For some background statistics on Dublin City please click on the links below: