Lost in the stacks online: Short fiction, essays and articles via RB Digital

logoWelcome to the twelfth entry of our blog series 'Lost in the Stacks' - with recommendations by Dublin City Libraries staff. Submitted by Jessica in Cabra Library. An unexpected problem: what to read when reading a whole book suddenly seems too difficult and exhausting to even consider? Books aren’t really happening for me at the moment – a problem of both focus (lack of) and attention span (nonexistent). I find myself endlessly scrolling on my phone, half an eye on the TV. I am mired in ongoing group chats, family chats and the insidious addictive nature of clicking in and out of news websites for constant updates.

Dancing in the moonlight

moonFreegal is a free music streaming service from your library. It’s free and legal, Freegal - geddit? Freegal boasts 15 million songs ranging from today’s K-Pop tunes to curated muso playlists. Mostly it’s all sounds from Sony Music’s roster, and covers most genres, even black metal. Submitted by Sleeve Notes, Drumcondra Library. Sleeve Notes has been reading, 'Yeah, Yeah, Yeah' by Bob Stanley, and listening to 'Splashdown: The Complete Creation Recordings 1990-1992' The Telescopes.

Spring into Storytime with Sloth at the Zoom

book coverFor this Spring into Storytime session, we have chosen Sloth at the Zoom written by Helaine Becker and illustrated by Orbie. In this story, a sloth is supposed to be delivered to a Zzzzzoo, a slow-paced place. Instead, the sloth is accidentally sent to a Zoom, where the animals move too fast for her.

History on your doorstep!

Sherrif Street tattoo While #stayathome is in force lots of people are getting to spend more time in their own local area. As you stroll around your 2km zone, you may not know that you’re surrounded by history and heritage, in the streets and buildings that make up our city and suburbs!

Dublin City Council’s history on your doorstep programme brings this history & heritage to life.

History Lectures and online documentaries

cameraOur libraries are not merely places where people borrow books. They are places of learning, informal and formal, conversation (yes, really) and exchange of ideas. Many of our libraries facilitate the learning of history through local history talks, reading groups and promotional events. We know that these remain popular, and we hope to be able to facilitate them once our doors are open again. In the meantime, we have dug around for some documentaries and lectures to whet the appetite of history lovers. These are all freely available, some on our very own resources, and some on other brilliant platforms that are open to all. This is just a selection however.  There are countless eBooks, audiobooks, magazines and lectures available on RBDigital, Borrowbox, Freegal and The Great Courses covering loads of aspects of Irish History and World History.

Spring into Storytime with Ira Crumb Feels the Feelings

book titleFor this Spring into Storytime session, we have chosen Ira Crumb Feels the Feelings written by Naseem Hrab and illustrated by Josh Holinaty. Ira and Malcolm are best friends. They play, eat and laugh together. But one day, they have an argument over what game to play. Malcolm plays with others leaving Ira alone with his sad feelings. Friendship, though, is more powerful than he thinks.

Where is my mind? Music therapy with a difference.

bassguitarAnd now for a few thoughts from our colleague Clodagh on keeping sane whilst keeping indoors. I’m starting to get a little home-crazy. With home-schooling, home-working and home-only for the foreseeable future, all I can think of is escape from home rather than using my spare time to clean the previously untouched corners of my home. Bathroom grouting – you have no need to fear! My escape is music. Music touches almost all of us I think, we’re hooked by a bassline or drawn to a melody. I have music in every room of the house, so that I can listen as I read, cook, work or argue about how April Fool’s Day is not a national holiday and therefore home-school still goes ahead.

Selected Shorts: part 2

Teh authors discussionThe latest DCLA podcast is the second part of "Selected Shorts", a discussion with authors Eilís Ní Dhuibhne, Lia Mills, Christine Dwyer Hickey and Anne Devlin, chaired by Catherine Dunne.

Spring into Storytime with Clothesline Clues to Jobs People Do

book titleFor this Spring into Storytime session, we have chosen Clothesline Clues to Jobs People Do written by Kathryn Heling and Deborah Hembrook and illustrated by Andy Robert Davies.   Look at the clothes on the washing line and see if you can guess the job of the person who wears them.

Work Matters at the Library - Online Resources

logoWe’re still open for business...
Here at Dublin City Libraries we like to offer business support to both companies and individuals through our Work Matters programme. We are continuing that support while our buildings are temporarily closed so here’s a quick look at our business and employment related e-resources. Stay connected with the world of work