Terry Pratchett

cover of Mort the Graphic NovelIn a moment of blink and you might miss it moment, Terry (or Professor Terry or Sir Terry or Sir Terence) Pratchett met the Queen when she met some of the Staff of Trinity College. (He is an adjunct professor in the Department of English) Irish resident Fantasy Author Diane Duane put the video up on her site.

I have read most of Terry Pratchett's books and enjoyed them mightily.  Though when I first met with them I didn't enjoy them as much and many people I know have said that they didn't like the first few either.  Many fans would suggest you try Mort.  There is quite a good suggested reading order.

Ceramics for the Senses

Visit  “Ceramics for the Senses”, a tactile exhibition by ceramic artist, Eleanor Swan at the Dublin City Library & Archive, 138-144 Pearse St. Dublin 2. Eleanor’s work comprises of ceramic pieces based on the portraits of Francis Bacon. They offer the opportunity to experience art through touch, and challenge our perceptions of art and how we display and experience it. These portraits can be enjoyed by everyone including blind people and people with all levels of visual capability.

Memory Lane: 'Dublin in the 'Rare Oul' Times

Moore Street StallView the Memory Lane Image Gallery.

The Digital Projects Section of Dublin City Public Libraries presented a series of events at public libraries during May 2011 as part of the Bealtaine Festival. Members of the public were invited to share their memories of the City through a selection of images from the Dublin City Council Photographic Collection. The images prompted much debate and craic among the participants and are presented here online so that all members of the public can take a ‘stroll down Memory Lane’.
Sincere thanks to all who participated!

iFestival at the Central Library

iFestivalThe annual iFestival will be held in the Central Library, Ilac Centre from the 10th to the 30th of June 2011. This interactive exhibition will showcase the highly innovative ICT and multimedia projects undertaken by pupils in primary and secondary schools, as well as young people from community centres in Dublin's inner city. The festival, involving the work of 800 young people, will be launched in the Central Library on Friday June 10th at 12pm.

Projects will include comic making, animation, robotic lego, podcasting, computer games and multimedia. Prizes are awarded for the best entry in each category. The projects represent the culmination of a year's work by these young pupils, their teachers and facilitators under the CLIC programme - the Computer learning in Communities programme, run by the DIT Foundation. The programme co-ordinator is Ian Roller. This initiative encourages teachers to integrate information technology into the curriculum not only to enhance their IT skills but also to make learning fun and enjoyable. Students involved have shown an improvement in attendance at school as well as increased concentration and motivation. The CLiC programme is just one aspect of the DIT Community Links programme whose main objective is to alleviate educational disadvantage and to allow individuals to reach their maximum potential.


UlyssesTo celebrate Bloomsday, June 16th,  which is the day made famous by James Joyce in his novel "Ulysses", the Music Library in association with Winedark Productions will present "Bloomsongs", a selection of songs associated with the life and works of James Joyce. Songs featured include, "Down by the Sally Gardens", "The lark in the Clear Air" and "Love's Old Sweet Song" (Just a song at Twilight).

James Barry (Baritone) with Margot Doherty on piano will provide the music on the day. James has made a few appearances at the Lunchtime Recitals and has gone down a treat with the audiences.

May is Busy Month for Childrens Book People

October is the month for Children's Book Festival, and Christmas is the time most children's books are bought, but May is shaping up to be the busiest month in the calendar for people interested in books for children and young people - at least in Ireland - it's been a whirl of award ceremonies, book launches and 'talking heads' events and I've been lucky enough to attend many of them. I'm even getting used to seeing lollipops served alongside the wine - though I haven't tried that mixture yet!

It started with the announcement of the Bisto Children's Book of the Year Awards in the National Library on 16th - which I've already blogged about - congratulations again to Chris Haughton for winning the overall award with 'A Bit Lost' and to Sheena Wilkinson for receiving the Children's Choice award for her novel 'Taking Flight'. Sheena also gets the prettiest coat award for her lovely floral affair - sorry I don't have a picture!

Swedish Crime is on the Climb! (Part One)

Map of SwedenSwedish crime writing has always had a good reputation, and its popularity is greater now than ever, largely because of the movie and TV spin-offs which have served to highlight two writers in particular, namely Henning Mankell and Stieg Larsson. There are several others, but I will write a second post soon where I will focus on those other fabulous writers. There is just too much material for one post! So in this post I am going to concentrate on the two biggies, introducing you (as if I need to) to the books that give us those now famous characters, Liz Salander and Kurt Wallander.

Books on the go!

portable mp3 playersToo busy to read?? Did you know that Dublin City Public Libraries now houses a large selection of books on mp3 players? These portable mp3 players come with the audio book already downloaded onto them. No need to download CD’s or cassettes…all you need to do is pop in your earphones and you’re ready to go.

These players are designed with the busy reader in mind, whether you’re sitting on the train, out running, or walking into work these portable players are perfect for readers on the go. It will even remember where you stopped. You can borrow them from any Dublin City Public Library and just like books; they can be borrowed for a period of three weeks.

Directories and Yearbooks

This is a representative sample of current Irish and International Directories, Guides and Yearbooks for reference in the Business Information Centre, with a brief description of what you can expect to find in them.

Are you a job seeker looking for work?

If so the Business Information Centre can help.  We are organising a workshop with career coach Jane Downes for the 9th June, 2011 at 6.30pm.  It promises to be a great workshop and is free of charge. It is an invaluable opportunity to assist you to find the ideal job.   Please contact me at (01) 8733996 if you wish to book a place.