The Irish Economy. What happened? What next?

Sean FitzpatrickThis March saw a series of lunch time talks take place in the Central Library entitled ‘The Irish Economy; What happened, what next?’

The series was aimed at helping to answer, or at least providing possible answers to some questions around the Irish Economy:

  • How have we reached the point we are at now?
  • What has the policy of successive governments been?
  • How has this contributed to the current situation?

Where possible we recorded the talks and you can access them below. You will also find links to more information on each contributor, other talks they have given and blogs or books they have put out.

Dublin City Council Photographic Archive on the RTÉ History Show

Moore StreetDublin City Public Libraries made it on to the RTÉ Radio One History Show last Sunday evening (27th May) when Enda Leaney of the Libraries' Digital Projects' Section talked to show host Myles Dungan about the Dublin City Council Photographic Archive, the online image gallery and the associated roadshows taking place throughout the libraries (two still to go this May!).

The podcast of the Show is available on the RTÉ Radio One History Show page and can either be listened to online or downloaded for listening to on your portable player. 

Smock Alley Theatre 1775

Smock AlleyI love the theatre, I’m fascinated by the spectacle, the costumes, the music, and of course people watching. The heavy smell and flickering images of the wax candles create an atmosphere like no other: combining the formality of church with the excitement and anticipation of the performance to come. All the gentry turn up in their carriages, especially on benefit nights. When it gets really busy the drivers are only allowed to drive the carriages in one direction along the street, they drop their passengers at the door and keep moving.

CWA International Dagger Shortlist Announced

CWAThe shortlist for the 2012 CWA (Crime Writers' Association) International Dagger has just been announced. This is an annual competition for crime, thriller, suspense or spy fiction novels which have been translated into English. The six shortlisted titles are:

Certificate in Local History 2012-2013

Certificate in Local HistoryThe Certificate in Local History, run by the National University of Ireland, Maynooth, will be offered at Dublin City Library and Archive beginning this autumn. The course runs from 4th September 2012 to 30th April 2013.

The course gives participants a formal and practical training in how to carry out research in local history and how to write up their findings in the form of a dissertation. The course carries 20 credits towards the NUI Maynooth B.A. in Local History.

The course consists of 100 hours part-time.

Folk, Folk, Folk!

Martin CarthyA quick blog for Musical Books, just want to tell you that I went to an amazing gig in Belfast last week to see Martin Carthy. This folk singer sings ancient songs from Irish, English and Scottish descent. His unusual and rhythmic guitar playing coupled with a distinctive voice keep ancient sea chanty and tales of war, woe and love alive in their purest form. His music has influenced Bob Dylan and his arrangement of Scarborough Fair was used by Simon and Garfunkel. His no nonsense stage presence and self-deprecating humour was a refreshing cherry on the top of an amazing performance. Check out this amazing album by him in the Music Library, Signs of Life.

Modern Mexico's Greatest Novelist, Carlos Fuentes

The Crystal FrontierCarlos Fuentes (November 11, 1928 – May 15, 2012), Mexico's famed novelist and prolific writer, died on the 15th May aged 83 years. He is regarded by many as the father of modern Latin American literature. Aside from his career as a novelist, Fuentes was an essayist and commentator on matters political and cultural, a playwright and screenwriter and an ambassador for his country. Born in Panama (his father was also a diplomat), he spent much of the latter half of his life living in either Europe or the United States, and was fluent in English from an early age. He was the winner of numerous literary prizes, most notably the Cervantes Prize in 1987, the most prestigious Spanish-language literary award.

Sixteen Blooming Years

UlysseesSixteen years ago (1996) I began to research references to songs in the works of James Joyce. This was for a production entitled “doublin babble on” (an evening of theatre & music in Newman House). I started reading and re-reading Joyce’s works with a view to cataloguing all the song references therein. This was an enjoyable but also a daunting task. Consequently I was delighted to discover the existence of 'The James Joyce Songbook' (a scholarly work edited by Ruth Bauerle, reference-only copy available). She had completed precisely what I was only embarking upon. The result of my (Bauerle assisted) research was the James Joyce music room where three other singers and myself, together with musical director and accompanist, Margot Doherty, performed a selection of songs from Joyce’s works. The James Joyce song repertoire is a treasure trove of varied musical genres: opera, operetta, parlour songs, music hall numbers, traditional Irish melodies and all the songs that Joyce himself liked to sing (Joyce was a fine tenor who, before he devoted himself to literature contemplated a career in music). This performance developed into "Bloomsongs" which Margot Doherty and I (under the name Winedark Productions) have performed regularly since then.

If you have a garden and a library, you have everything you need. ~Cicero

Outdoor Living

I'm staying optimistic that Summer will arrive and we can look forward to long sunny evenings. So while we all come down from the land of soggy books, dripping umbrellas and cloudy skies we can start to get in the mood and think about the outdoor living that lies ahead of us. You can prepare now by checking out the many titles in the library that will inspire you to tidy up and prepare the garden so you’ll be ready to sit back after a long day and relax when the sun does come out.

Here are some titles to get you in the mood! 

What Podcasts are Available?

Headphones and iPodYou may well ask - what podcasts are available from Dublin City Public Libraries, and how can you access them? Well, let's answer those questions and hopefully put you on the road to many hours of gainful listening!

While we organise and host many talks in our branch libraries throughout the year, only a handful of you are in a position to attend, plus our venues can only accommodate so many. So while you may wish to attend and listen to a speaker on a topic of interest, it can often be the case that you are unable to, or that we cannot accommodate the demand for places. And isn't it often the case that you only learn of a talk after it has taken place? But don't despair! We endeavour to record a good selection of our talks, readings and workshops as they happen and make them available online soon after.