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Autumn’s coming up, and with it starts the rounds of evening classes and part-time study. Alongside individual college brochures, each library branch holds guides to full time, part time, and online day and evening courses to help you choose one that suits. Returning to study can be rewarding – learning a new skill, a language, obtaining a qualification. It can also be daunting, particularly if it’s a long time since you were last in a classroom;  but there are lots of good guides available to help get you up and running, and freshen up your study skills.

The Good Study Guide by Andrew NorthedgeThe Good study guide by Andrew Northedge, from the Open University, is well laid out, written in clear language, and full of tips on time management, reading and note-taking skills, and essay writing.

Authentic Irish Voices in Novels for Teens

The Real RebeccaIn my earlier blog posts I've mentioned the amazing talent Ireland is producing in illustrators and picturebook creators - but recently I've also noticed that Irish authors are writing very interesting books for older children and teenagers. In fact, you could do worse than have a read of them yourself - even if it's a long, long time since you were a teenager!

'The Real Rebecca' by first time author Anna Carey, is a light-hearted tale of a real Dublin schoolgirl, Rebecca, whose otherwise ordinary life is made miserable when her mother (more mortifying than most, it seems) writes a book about a cringe-inducing teenager and claims that Rebecca is the inspiration! I enjoyed every minute of Rebecca's predicament, then doubly enjoyed giving it to my daughter to read, to prove that I'm not the most embarrassing mother in creation - not be a long shot!

Designing Together

On the 28th June, 2011, students from 5th class, St. Gabriel's National School, shared their aspirations for Ballyfermot Library with the local community in a Sneak Peek Day.

Students showcased the prototypes of their ideas, which were developed at series of workshops with the designer Ré Dubhthaigh and architect Maxim Laroussi as part of the Designing Together programme.

Designing Together is a collaborative initiative between Dublin City Public Libraries, Dublin City Architects, local schools and designers.

What happens when you're gone?

Last will and testamentHave you made a will or even considered making one? 

It is probably one of the most important things to do while you are still in sound mental health.  You can make a will yourself or get legal help from a solicitor to do so.  (I prefer the cheaper method myself!)

For the will to be valid it must be written by an over 18 and must be proved by 2 witnesses. These witnesses cannot profit from your will, and must only see your signature on the document.  They need not see how your fortune, or otherwise, will be parcelled out.

Classical Music Demystified

 Classical MusicFancy brushing up on your classical music in an enjoyable way? If so, The Eyewitness Companions: Classical Music gives an excellent overview of classical music in layman's terms.

The focus is classical music spanning the period 1000 A.D. to the present and it is  written in an easy style with beautiful illustrations to hold the reader's attention. The book is divided into ten main sections as follows.

Chislers: Images of Childhood in Dublin

Junior WardenView the Chislers Image Gallery

'Aisy, aisy, mind the chisler’.
Brendan Behan, The Confirmation Suit (1953)

This gallery consists of images of children going about their business in Dublin from the second half of the twentieth century up to the present day. It shows how Dublin’s childer and chislers filled their days from visits to the beach to dossing on street corners. It also shows the engagement of children in civic initiatives: the Junior Litter Wardens of Cabra and Ballymun, Community Pride events, Summer Projects, and the Community Games.

The Leitrim Fancy

McGahernPop Zeus found himself in lovely Leitrim last weekend for the opening of the John McGahern Summer School, run by Dr John Kenny of NUI, Galway.

George R R Martin

Game of ThronesSo I have to ask, was anyone else as glued to the Game of Thrones series as I was?  Oh man, it turned me from being fond of the series to completely caught up by it.  Eagerly awaiting the next episode to see what happened next.  I also managed to get my husband completely hooked on it and eagerly awaiting the next episode.

George R R Martin is an engaging man, I knit my way through a talk he did at Octocon where he was the guest of honour and I was very glad that the socks I was knitting weren't that complicated! 

We just got some new copies of the first book, Game of Thrones in, and if you're trying not to spoiler yourself for the rest of the series there's a Graphic Novel that involves some peripheral characters called The Hedge Knight and in the books Legends and Legends II where this story starts.

Swedish Crime is on the Climb! (Part Three)

Continuing my look at Swedish crime writers, this is the third instalment (of four) and introduces five more from the conveyor belt of Swedish crime writers.

Featured Swedish authors

‘The Jacks Are Back’ – The Dubs in the 1970s

Jacks are back'The Jacks are back,
The Jacks are back,
Let the Railway End go barmy,
For Hill 16 has never seen,
The likes of Heffo’s Army.'

Dublin Terrace Chant, 1970s

View The Jacks Are Back Image Gallery.

On 26 May 1974 Dublin played Wexford in the first round of the Leinster Championship as the undercard to the replay of the National League Final between Kerry and Roscommon. The quality of the football that day was such that the Kerry and Roscommon fans started laughing in the Hogan Stand. Five months later the Dublin Captain Sean Doherty lifted the Sam Maguire. The Dubs had arrived and Gaelic Football was changed forever.