Free! Start your own business lectures and workshops.

The Dublin City Enterprise Board in association with Dublin City Public Libraries will be running a series of free Start Your Own Business lectures from 21st April to 26th May. These lectures, six in total, will assist new and existing small business owners and managers. Topics such as Ideas Generation & Market Research, Ethnic Entrepreneurship, Marketing on a Shoestring, Financing and Planning your Business will be covered this year. Hard to imagine but this course has been running for 16 years and feedback from other years had been brilliant.

Norwegian Crime on the Rise!

Jo NesboI just recently finished reading 'The Leopard', the latest novel from Jo Nesbo, the Norwegian crime writer often compared to Steig Larsson. He was recently in Dublin and in conversation with Irish writer John Connolly in Easons, and I was thrilled to be able to attend and hear him speak. Also got a signed copy of 'The Snowman', so am a happy camper!

Derelict Dublin: Images of the City from 1913

Temple LaneView the Derelict Dublin Image Gallery.

"These bricks were returning once more to dust, one by one these walls would bulge outwards, crack, collapse into rubble. They were despised and uncared for, like the tenants they sheltered, who lived for the most part on bread and tea and bore children on rickety beds to grow up in the same hardship and hunger".

James Plunkett, Strumpet City (1969)

Library Ireland Week, 7-13 March 2011

Library Ireland Week (LIW), 7-13 March 2011, is the 6th year of Library Ireland Week, a week that celebrates and highlights the role of libraries, librarians and information professionals. 

Watch this wonderful video!

Women’s Health and Wellbeing: advertising from the Special Collections of the Dublin and Irish Collections

Almanac 1907 W.F. Wells & SonView Women’s Health and Wellbeing Image Gallery.
A preoccupation with health can be seen in advertising going back to the early 18th century. Potions "especially formulated" to make us feel better, younger, or more beautiful, were packaged and marketed, with advertisements carried in Irish newspapers and periodicals. Patent medicines such as Dr James’s Fever Powder, Norris’s Antiscorbutic Drops and Dr Daffy’s Elixir originated in England and were imported into Ireland.

New Treasures from the Collections Galleries

Rich and Rare 011Four new image galleries highlighting treasures from the collections of Dublin City Public Libraries have been added recently. These are: 

Little Treasures - The Special Collections hold a wealth of material for children, from early chapbooks to current Irish publications. Much of the material is of artistic interest, including many fine examples of illustrations by well-known Irish and international artists of classic children’s fiction. This Image Gallery also contains some examples of educational material, including schoolbooks from the 19th and 20th centuries. Dublin City Public Libraries has published a booklet, Once Upon A Time based on its collections for children.

Dublin remembers 'Bang Bang'

'Bang Bang's' Key On 3rd Feb 2011, The Lord Mayor Gerry Breen presented Dublin City Archivist, Dr. Mary Clark with a key that belonged to Thomas Dudley (affectionately known as 'Bang Bang'). Thomas Dudley was a big fan of cowboy films and in the 1950s and 60s he travelled all over Dublin staging mock shoot outs with people using a large church key as his 'gun'.

Bang Bang“Bang Bang was a great and entertaining character from Dublin.  Many people remember his energy and his love of fun and humour.  This year marks the 30th anniversary since his death and I think that it is very fitting that his key will now remain in safe keeping in the city he gave so much joy to,” said the Lord Mayor.

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Working for the City

LamplighterThis image gallery depicts the working lives of Dublin Corporation/Dublin City Council Staff. This short selection of images show  staff at work and, also, how things have changed over the years. It reflects the challenges they encountered and the diversity of skills required by staff in the performance of their everyday duties.

Dublin Pubs

Brazen Head“Good puzzle would be cross Dublin without passing a pub”
      James Joyce, Ulysses

This gallery consists of images of Public Houses from the Dublin City Photographic Collection. Some of these pubs are still open for business but most have vanished from our streets. It is hoped that these images will serve as ‘memory triggers’ for those Dubliners who frequented them, passed them by, or avoided them.

The 14th Annual Sir John T. Gilbert Lecture

Mr J Kennedy Miller's Very Capable Company of Irish Players by Christopher Fitz-SimonOn 24 January 2011 the fourteenth annual Sir John T. Gilbert Commemorative Lecture was held at Dublin City Library and Archive, Pearse Street. The lecture was delivered by Christopher Fitz-Simon, author of 'The Boys', 'Eleven Houses' and 'Buffoonery and Easy Sentiment'. The lecture detailed Mr Kennedy Miller's successful Irish theatre company which toured Ireland and Britain during the period 1889 - 1906. Dr Fitz-Simon discussed plays Kennedy Miller directed, outlined the strengths and signature roles of some of the Company's accomplished actors, and considered what made Irish melodrama so distinct and so popular at that time.