A dog is for life

Dog Trust Visit

Jillian Saunders and Coco from Dog Trust with children at Pembroke library.There was a hushed air of anticipation in Pembroke Library during one of our 'All In' summer events when Jillian Saunders with her dog Coco from the Dogs Trust visited. The children had never seen a dog in the library before and they gathered round not knowing what to expect and whether this kind of thing was allowed. After a few initial barks, Coco settled in and the children watched closely to see what part he would play in the event.

Becoming John Gray

Bookcover: The Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar WildeListen to a talk by Jerusha McCormack on John Gray and celebrity culture. The lecture was held at Dublin City Library & Archive on 26 April 2010 as part of Dublin: One City, One Book 2010.

John Gray was an ordinary working-class man who, as the alleged model for the “Dorian” of Oscar Wilde’s novel, became a household name. How did this happen? Did Wilde in fact invent John Gray? What forces colluded to help manufacture this new kind of fame –known to us now as “celebrity culture” – and what was its price? By retelling the story of the man who became Dorian Gray, Jerusha McCormack seeks to throw new light on the power of Wilde’s novel: to create as well as to destroy those around him – and finally to conscript the very life of the author himself.

Listen to the talk [play time: 58:38 minutes]:

125 years of Dublin City Libraries 1884-2009

Dublin City Library & ArchiveOpening of the Public Libraries. 
The Freeman’s Journal, Thursday, October 2, 1884.

"Yesterday, at four o’clock, escorted by mounted police and the mace and sword-bearer, with the insignia of their office, the Right Hon. The Lord Mayor M.P, opened at 100 Capel Street the first public library and reading room, under the Public Libraries Act of 1855, which has been built in Dublin ...At a quarter to five o’clock his lordship, accompanied by his private staff and the civic officers, and escorted as before, arrived at 23 Thomas Street, where the second free library [was] situated ..In declaring it also open ...he hoped that all would be found sitting side by side, furnishing storing their minds with that knowledge, the possession of which ensured success."

The beginnings of Dublin’s public libraries can be traced to the Public Libraries (Ireland) Act of 1855 which empowered councils of municipal boroughs and towns with populations in excess of 5,000 or more, to establish free public libraries and also museums or schools of science and, or art.

Leabhair Gaeilge

Old and modern books in Irish held in the collections of Dublin City Library and Archive.

Leabhair Gaeilge idir sean agus nua i Leabharlann agus Cartlann Chathair Bhaile Átha Cliath.

SEE Dublin and Irish Collections.

Annual Emmet & Devlin Lecture 2010

'Rediscovering Emmet's Dublin through the Collections of Dublin City Libraries' by Dr Máire Kennedy, Divisional Librarian with Dublin City Public Libraries in charge of Special Collections. Introduction by Aidan O'Hara, Emmet and Devlin Committee. The 8th Annual Emmet Spring Lecture hosted by the Emmet and Devlin Committee and Dublin City Public Libraries, was recorded at Dublin City Library & Archive, Pearse Street on 15 March 2010.


Listen to the talk while following the presentation:

Bulgarian Favourite Reads

Best loved classics donated to Central Library World Books Collection

The Bulgarian Ambassador Mr. Emil Yalnazov donated a selection of Bulgarian masterpieces of literature to the Lord Mayor of Dublin at a ceremony at the Central Library in February 2010.

These works were voted as Bulgaria’s favourite books in the Big Read Bulgaria nationwide poll participated in by over one third of the population that was organized by Bulgarian National Television in association with the BBC. Voting took place online, by text, telephone and traditional post.

The books are part of the World Books collection of the Central Library for the use of all the friends of Bulgaria and the Bulgarian community in Ireland.

The 13th Annual Sir John T. Gilbert Lecture

Commodious Temples by Brendan GrimesOn 21 January 2010 the thirteenth annual Sir John T. Gilbert Commemorative Lecture, 'Commodious temples: Catholic church building in nineteenth-century Dublin' was held at Dublin City Library and Archive, Pearse Street. The lecture was given by Brendan Grimes, Dublin School of Architecture, D.I.T. Bolton Street. Brendan Grimes' lecture, Commodious temples: Catholic church building in nineteenth-century Dublin, brought the audience on a fascinating tour of Dublin churches such as Saint Nicholas of Myra's, Saint Audeon's and Saint Francis Xavier's.

Songlines: Culture Night 2009

Culture night 2008 speakersOn 25th September 2009 Dublin city’s museums, galleries, churches, historic houses, artists’ studios, libraries and more, opened their doors late for a night of entertainment, discovery and adventure. Hundreds of free talks, tours, performances and events were enjoyed throughout the city.

As part of Culture Night, 'Songlines' - an evening of words and music took place in Dublin City Library & Archive, Pearse Street. A group of new writers read from their work and musicians performed traditional and classical music. The writers featured are members Cumann Scríbhneoirí Úra na Gaeilge and students from the 2008-2009 MPhil in Creative Writing at the Oscar Wilde Centre, Trinity College Dublin. The musicians featured are students at the Royal Irish Academy of Music.

Dublin City Public Libraries 1884-2009

Charleville Mall Library'Dublin City Public Libraries 1884-2009: 125 years of service to the community', a talk by Deirdre Ellis-King, Dublin City Librarian commemorates 125 years of Public Library Service in Dublin City. The talk was part of Local History Day 26 September, 2009.

Image right: Charleville Mall Library


Ceithre seachtaine, Carnán scéalta: Cromail i mBaile Atha Cliath, 1649

Oliver Cromwell'Ceithre seachtaine, Carnán scéalta: Cromail i mBaile Atha Cliath, 1649' (Four Weeks, a collection of stories of Cromwell in Dublin 1649) by Dr Maighréad Ní Mhurchadha. Thug Dr Maighréad Ní Mhurchadha, (léachtóir agus staraí), léacht gearr mar gheall ar na scéalta atá ag baint le saol Cromail i mBaile Átha Cliath. Is as Cathair Bhaile Átha Cliath ó dhúchas í Maighréad agus tá roinnt leabhar agus roinnt altanna sna hirisí stairiúla foilsithe aici.

On 9 March 2009, Maighréad Ní Mhurchadha, (lecturer and historian), gave a talk on stories relating to Oliver Cromwell. Maighréad is a native of Dublin and has published books and journal articles including Early Modern Dubliners, published by Dublin City Public Libraries.