"Paddy is still Paddy" - Images of Ireland from the ILN

Paddy is still PaddyThis Image Gallery makes available online a selection of the illustrations which appeared in the Illustrated London News during the 19th century. The images are taken from the editions held in the Special Collections of Dublin City Library and Archive.

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1916: The Women Behind the Men

1916 WomenThis collection, 1916: The Women behind the Men, offers an insight into the integral role of women before, during and in the aftermath of the Rising. Although it is well known that Countess Constance Markievicz fought in St. Stephen’s Green, other important roles played by women are perhaps less known. Read more about 1916: the Women Behind the Men | Copyright Notice

A Great Night Out!

Great Night OutDublin is famous for many things, not least its nightlife. While many people imagine that Dublin’s international profile as a night spot only began with the establishment of Temple Bar, this selection of images from the Special Collections of Dublin City Public Libraries demonstrates that the fun didn’t start then. Read more on 'A Great Night Out!' | Copyright Notice.

A Tale of Two Cities

A Tale of Two CitiesThis Gallery contains a selection of images of Dublin from the period around the Lock-Out of 1913. The Lock-Out brought immeasurable suffering to the families of those involved, adding yet another circle of hell to the lives of those living in the slums, slums which had been justly described as “infernos of degradation.” Read more about a Tale of Two Cities | Copyright notice.

Adam is A1: Adam Findlater 1855-1911

Adam is A1This gallery consists of images associated with the family merchant business Alex. Findlater and Company. The gallery highlights the life of Adam Findlater, 1855-1911, as he was not only the managing director of the business but he was also an extraordinary citizen of Dublin. Read Adam is A1: Adam Findlater, 1855-1911 | Copyright Notice

Business as Usual

Business as UsualDublin Shops and Businesses This gallery shows material highlighting the shops and businesses of Dublin. Some of these businesses are still in existence, others are long gone. Social change and the very fabric of the city are reflected in its businesses, from the family grocers of the 19th and 20th centuries to the multinationals of today. The Gallery also aims to give a sense of the range of different material available in the Special Collections, the holdings of which include business receipts, advertisements in journals and school yearbooks, family photographs and advertising posters. Copyright Notice.

Capital Letters

Capital LettersAs a city, Dublin has always punched well above its weight in terms of the number and quality of the writers it has produced. Its literary heritage is world famous and was recognised in 2010 when it was awarded the status of City of Literature by UNESCO. It has also always had more than its fair share of enthusiastic and sometimes critical readers, a group which has been well served by the public library service of Dublin since its foundation in the late 19th century. The collections of Dublin City Libraries contain representative work of major and minor Irish literary figures, and the commitment to our literary heritage continues today with the on-going acquisition of works by Irish writers. The Capital Letters Image Gallery displays just a small sample of some of material we hold. Read more about Capital Letters | Copyright Notice.


CelebrateFestivals, Feasts, Civic Events and Commemorations in Dublin. As capital of Ireland and as a vibrant city in its own right, Dublin has seen more than its fair share of crowds gathering to celebrate public festivals and commemorate notable events and individuals. This gallery gives a brief overview of material in the Dublin City Libraries Special Collections which relates to these gatherings. It also gives an indication of the range of materials held in our Special Collections, from periodicals to postcards, from books to brochures and from photographs to theatre programmes.  Copyright Notice.

Chisellers: Childhood in Dublin through the Centuries

ChisellersThis image gallery incorporates a selection of material dealing with childhood in Dublin from the 18th century onwards.

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Dublin at War

Dublin at WarThis gallery uses items from the Special Collections of Dublin City Libraries to look at how the capital city was affected by the war. It presents the views of those both for and against the war, but it also showcases aspects of the social as well the political history of the time. Read more about Dublin at War | Copyright notice.

Dublin Heritage: The life history of a city

Dublin HeritageWalking through Dublin city, enjoying its historical buildings, is also a history lesson. History is behind the walls of the churches, under the road surface, through the streets and squares, into the pubs and museums. This image gallery takes a look at history of Dublin through topographical prints of some of the city's landmarks and buildings. Read more about Dublin Heritage: The living history of a city | Copyright Notice

Dublin: The City and the River

Boat Building and Ship Repair early 20th centuryThroughout its life as a town and a city the River Liffey and its tributaries provided the life blood for Dublin’s growth and development. The river also has mythological qualities, as Anna Livia (Anna Liffey) becomes a character of folklore and literature.

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Getting Around

Getting AroundDublin City Public Libraries holds a fine collection of maps, both of Dublin and of other parts of Ireland. It also holds a wealth of information on transport in times gone by, from Bianconi’s Coach timetables to pictures of the last trams to serve the Dublin public. Copyright Notice.


Ghost Town

Ghost TownHallowe'en is sometimes thought of an American feast, with its trick-or-treating, pumpkins, fancy dress parties and scary movies, but long before this – indeed, as far back as Celtic times - our ancestors celebrated Samhain, the beginning of the dark time of the year...
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Historical Maps of Dublin

Historical MapsDublin City Library and Archive houses a collection of maps of ancient and modern Dublin from the 17th century to the present day. From Speed's map of 1610 to Rocque's map of 1756, through to the Dublin City Development plans of today this collection traces the growth of the capital city. Maps of Ireland and the counties are also held. Copyright notice

Historical Postcards of Dublin

Historical Postcards This series of historical postcards is from the Dublin and Irish Collections of Dublin City Public Libraries. The Collection is housed in Dublin City Library and Archive, 138-144 Pearse Street.

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Ladies’ Fashion at The Turn Of The 20th Century

Ladies FashionThis collection on Ladies' Fashion at the turn of the 20th Century holds an arrangement of images dating from as far back as 1891 to as recent as 1913. All of the images shown have been taken from the very popular ladies' periodical The Lady of the House, which was published in Ireland. This gallery has been created, compiled, and completed by Michael Lauren Kisha, Undergraduate at Boston University, Boston, MA, USA, Class of 2013; European History major. Read more about Ladies' Fashion at The Turn Of The 20th Century.

Little Treasures

Little TreasuresThe Special Collections hold a wealth of material for children, from early chapbooks to current Irish publications. Much of the material is of artistic interest, including many fine examples of illustrations by well-known Irish and international artists of classic children’s fiction. This Image Gallery also contains some examples of educational material, including schoolbooks from the 19th and 20th centuries. Dublin City Public Libraries has published a booklet on its collections for children, based on the 2005 exhibition of the same name, Once Upon A Time. | Copyright Notice

Maps of the Terenure and Crumlin Estates 1879

Map of Shaw estate showing CrumlinA collection of eight Ordnance Survey maps, donated to Dublin City Library and Archive, constitute a wonderful addition to local and family history for the Terenure Crumlin area in the late 19th century. The maps are folded and bound into one volume, bound in half leather with gilt lettering on the top cover: Maps of the Terenure & Crumlin Estates, Co. Dublin, the property of Sir Robert Shaw, Bart. 1879.
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Mr Dixon's Business Collection

Mr DixonAlmost 2,000 pictures compose the collection known as the Dixon Slides. The varied contents include photographs taken by Frederick Dixon in the 1960s and 1970s, book illustrations, postcards, advertisements and older photos of events around Dublin. The main focuses of the collection are Dublin city and its buildings. Read more about Mr Dixon's Business Collection | Copyright notice.

Natural Sciences

Natural SciencesThis gallery contains images from a variety of texts which were available to Irish readers from the 17th century to the early 20th century. All are from the collections of Dublin City Public Libraries. Read more in Read more about The Natural Sciences in Print: Botany, Agriculture and Horticulture. | Copyright Notice.


Political Cartoons (1885-1894)

The following political cartoons come from the United Ireland and the Weekly Freeman and the National Press, Irish nationalist newspapers that commented on the last few decades of nineteenth-century Ireland. These cartoons illustrate Irish nationalist sentiments at the time by commenting on political events and figures, in particular the Home Rule Movement, the Land War, and the 1892 General Election.


This image gallery was created for Dublin City Public Libraries by Alexia Demetroulakos who carried out an internship at the Dublin City Library and Archive in 2018 while completing an M.Phil in Public History and Cultural Heritage in Trinity College, Dublin. The cartoons are taken from the collections of Dublin City Library & Archive.

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Pope John Paul II in Dublin

Pope John Paul IIPope John Paul II’s visit to Ireland in 1979 was seen as an acknowledgement of the strong faith of the Irish by the Vatican. The Papal Mass in the Phoenix Park on Saturday 29th September 1979 was the largest single public gathering in the history of the state.  In 1979 95.1% of the population of the Republic of Ireland was Catholic. In 2018, 78.3% consider themselves to be Catholic. During the Mass at the Phoenix Park, Pope John Paul II addressed and advised on the challenges he feared Ireland would face. He warned against the corrosive effect of consumerism and emphasised the indissolubility of marriage.


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Pride, Prejudice and Print

Pride, PrejudiceThis Image Gallery is a tribute to the phenomenon which is Pride and Prejudice. It highlights books held in the Special Collections of Dublin City Public Libraries which are by authors read by Jane Austen, herself a voracious reader, but it also attempts to give a broader picture of reading habits of the time. Read more about Pride, Prejudice and Print | Copyright Notice.

Rich and Rare

Rich and RareThis Image Gallery contains a selection of the many rare and beautiful books, manuscripts and broadsheets held by Dublin City Public Libraries, some of them dating from pre-1500. The collection of this material continues today, with the on-going acquisition of limited editions of special historical and artistic interest. Copyright Notice.

Sophia Rosamond Praeger, Writer and Illustrator

SophieSophia ‘Rosamond’ Praeger (1867-1954) was a Northern Irish artist, specialising in both sculpture and in illustrations. Originally engaged with sculpture in a wide variety of media, Praeger went on to become prolific in commercial graphics and illustrations, primarily in children’s books. As well as illustrating other authors’ books, Rosamond Praeger composed and illustrated twelve original children’s stories and two factual children’s books in her lifetime. Read more about Sophia Rosamond Praeger, Writer and Illustrator | Copyright Notice

Suffragist City

smashing windowsThe 1910s was a decade of great social and political turbulence. The cause of suffragism added to the tumult as women asserted their political rights and rejected their perceived subservient role in society. Suffragists in Ireland endured ridicule, assault, and imprisonment in their quest for social justice but 1918 was their year of victory. This is their story. This image gallery contains some of the images from the collections of the Dublin City Library & Archive that feature in the Suffragist City: Women and the Vote in Dublin exhibition. Read more about Suffragist City | Copyright notice.

The Art of Architecture: Printmaking and Irish Castles

The Art of ArchitectureBefore photography was widely available or popular, printmaking preserved the landmarks of the Irish landscape. Artists chose locations much the same way photographers today choose locations for postcards, choosing a locally famous landmark or something that was meant to represent Ireland and Irishness. Medieval castles were an extremely popular choice among print artists because they satisfied both criteria. Read more about the Art of Architecture: printmaking and Irish Castles | Copyright notice.

The Gaiety Theatre 1880s -1930s

GaietySince opening its doors in 1871, the Gaiety Theatre in Dublin has been a cultural landmark. This gallery offers a peek into the Gaiety’s rich history, from the 1880s to the 1930s. Read more about The Gaiety Theatre 1880s - 1930s | Copyright notice


The Irish International Exhibition of 1907

Irish International ExhibitionThe Irish International Exhibition opened on 4th May 1907. The purpose of the instantly popular Exhibition was to highlight the Irish industrial endeavour. Read more about The Irish International Exhibition of 1907 | Copyright notice


The Lepracaun Cartoon Monthly and the 1913-14 Dublin lockout

Leprecaun Cartoon MonthlyThe Dublin-based Lepracaun Cartoon Monthly was launched in May 1905 by Thomas Fitzpatrick, one of Ireland’s foremost cartoonists of the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. Eclipsing in its lifespan all previous Irish comic periodicals, the Lepracaun would run for almost a decade. Read more about The Lepracaun Cartoon Monthly and the 1913-14 Dublin lockout | Copyright Notice.

The Yeats Sisters and the Cuala Press

Yeats SistersAt the same time as the Celtic Revival during the late 19th-early 20th centuries, the Arts & Crafts Movement was making its way across Europe. This movement saw an international increase in the making and purchasing of handmade things and included ‘cottage industries’ such as stained glass, woodworks, ceramics, tapestries, and more. The Yeats family, in particular, was greatly involved in several aspects of both the Celtic Revival and the Arts & Crafts Movement. Some of the most interesting products of the Arts & Crafts Movement in Ireland came from the Dún Emer and the Cuala Industries. Read more about the Yeats sisters and Cuala Press | Copyright notice

Treasures of the Irish Language

Treasures of the Irish LanguageThis image gallery features some early works printed in the Irish typeface from the collections of Dublin City Public Libraries. The earliest work in the collections is Sgáthan an Chrábhaidh by Flaithrí Ó Maol Chonaire, published in Louvain in 1616.
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Victorian Christmas

Victorian ChristmasWhile the Victorians did not invent all the traditions we associate with Christmas, this era is the one when most of them became firmly established. Its iconography is an intrinsic part of the Christmas period, with scenes of Victorian carol-singers and sleigh bells, ruddy-cheeked children and trees bedecked with candles still decorating our Christmas cards. Read more about a Victorian Christmas | Copyright Notice.

Women's Health and Wellbeing

Women's HealthA preoccupation with health can be seen in advertising going back to the early 18th century. Potions "especially formulated" to make us feel better, younger, or more beautiful, were packaged and marketed, with advertisements carried in Irish newspapers and periodicals. Read more on Women’s Health and Wellbeing: advertising from the Special Collections of the Dublin and Irish Collections | Copyright Notice.

Yeats and Dublin: Its People and Places

Yeats and DublinThe connection between the poet and the city is often underestimated, partly because of Yeats's own close identification with the west of Ireland. But the people and places of the capital played an important part in his development as a poet and as a person, not just during his formative years, but throughout his life. Read more about Yeats and Dublin - its people and places. Copyright Notice