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Spring into Storytime with Bailey the dog

coverFor our story book choice today, we introduce you to Bailey the dog.  Enjoy this fun story as Bailey spends a day at school. Celebrate Spring into Storytime with Dublin City Libraries. 

Recommended on BorrowBox - Wilding by Isabella Tree..

coverPlease read on for a listening recommendation from our colleague Eileen. One of the many perks of working in a library is that it’s like being in a constant book club, all kinds of books are at hand, books that you would never dream of buying or looking at. I have discovered so many books by just holding and looking through what our borrowers have returned. As George Martin wrote in one of the Game of Thrones titles, a man who reads lives a thousand lives.

Be crafty! Learn scrapbooking skills online with Dublin City Libraries

craftThis period of temporary enforced downtime certainly presents us all with many grave challenges, but it also provides some exciting opportunities.
If you, like me, have long intended but could never quite find the time to convert your precious personal and family memorabilia into stunning and unique family history albums, now is your big chance!  
Raise your dopamine levels and let your creative juices flow!  Learn the art and discover the joy of scrapbooking.

Spring into Storytime

logoCelebrate Spring into Storytime with Dublin City Libraries.  Have you looked at Tumble Book Library on our website? In April, we will choose one story per day from the collection for you to enjoy. ..or you can choose a different story from the collection...or do both!  Whatever you choose, we hope you will enjoy them.

The many addresses of James Joyce

statueThe world as we knew it has changed rapidly over the past number of weeks as Ireland recorded its first cases of Covid-19. Staying home and self isolation made me think about various addresses I have lived at before, from digs to bedsits and flats. However, Joyce's addresses number far more. Seven St. Peter’s Terrace is the house where Joyce’s mother, May, died. Her death would haunt him for the rest of his life and justifably has the most historic significance.

Sport titles available on Borrowbox

Everything is basically on hold for the time being. But as anyone who's currently working from home has realised by now, it's good to keep some habits alive, to ensure some sense of normality. This blog is brought to you by Ronan, avid sport's fan turned narrator. Missing sport? Then borrow one of the many sports titles available on audio book or ebook from BorrowBox on our website.

On Borrowbox: If Walls Could Talk by Lucy Worsley

coverLiz Buckley here reviews If Walls Could Talk; An Intimate History of the Home by Lucy Worsley, available as an eBook from Borrowbox. If on loan, you can reserve a copy.

I read this book at the start of the Corona virus pandemic in Ireland. I was really fascinated to learn of the dire consequences that ignorance, myth and misinformation had on world health down through the ages. Poor sanitation in the home and at local level was behind several pandemics throughout history and the spread of germs from person to person or animal to person is an ongoing battle and often misunderstood.

Dystopian Film

coverThis is the second blog by our esteemed colleague, Gerard, on the subject of dystopia. We’ve already looked at the topic of the almighty corporation that effectively usurps the role of the nation state as it has appeared in fiction, and here will look at the same subject in feature films.

Dystopian Fiction

coverThis is the first of two blogs by our esteemed colleague, Gerard, on the subject of dystopia. The word “dystopia” denotes an imagined society considerably worse than our own. It is the antonym of “Utopia” (or more properly “Eutopia”, for Utopia originally meant ‘No-place’ as in Thomas More’s book of the same name) which is a hypothetical state of imagined perfection and harmony.

So you want to be a writer...

Writer's deskWe are living in strange and uncertain times, and we are all doing our best to keep ourselves, our loved ones and everyone else safe and well by staying indoors.

Maybe you have time now to try your hand at that novel or screenplay you’ve always dreamt about writing?

If so, welcome to your one-stop shop for great online writing supports including courses, magazines, books and reference tools, all FREE and all available with your Dublin City Libraries card.