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The Irish Cloud Festival

Head in the Clouds: cloud FestivalHow often do you look up? The members of TICAS, The Irish Cloud Appreciation Society are very fond of doing so and at the end of this month (Fri-Sun 27th-29th July 2012)  are holding a festival in the north-west of Ireland.

Cloud watching, or cloud spotting is a relaxing and very enjoyable hobby. Enthusiasts will tell you there are ten basic categories of cloud, in a Latin 'Linnean' system devised by Luke Howard in 1802. Within these 'genea', or basic categories, however there are many different 'species' of cloud, and then within these there are further 'varieties'!

The Biggest Novels of 2012 - The Guardian

The Guardian newspaper has recently published a wonderful online interactive guide to what it claims are "20 of the most talked-about novels so far and to come" this year.

The Guardian - Biggest Novels of 2012 (external link)

I thought I would check and see how many of these books we have in stock (all of the nine so far published as it happens), so here is the list of titles mentioned by the Guardian, and so far published, with links to the library catalogue entries informing as to availability:-

(More) Recent Crime Reads

Continuing with my series on recent crime reads (see first in series), I include here the new to me (Kallentoft), the relatively new to me (Meyer) and some old stalwarts (Nesbo, Nesser et al).

Midwinter Sacrifice'Midwinter Sacrifice' 4 stars was my first encounter with Swedish writer Mons Kallentoft, and I give it a definite thumbs up. This I understand is his first crime novel, though not his first book. He tells a good story and I like his style. Set in Linköping, Sweden, it is a murder investigation that, though slow moving, kept my interest throughout. I liked the insight into the various characters, but would have welcomed more of it in fact, if only because the author does it well, and his characters do stir your interest. None more so than the members of the suspect and rather unpleasant family. Principal investigator is Malin Fors, in her early thirties, divorced and with a 12-year old daughter. I have seen reviews compare her character with Sarah Lund of 'The Killing' fame! The voice of the murdered man being heard at various junctures worked for me in the end even if at first I was unsure. Eager to read his next up, 'Summertime Death'.

Children's reading in Dublin: 1790

Goody Two Shoes 1766This week I must get a gift for my niece’s birthday. Of course it will be a book as nothing else will please her so much. She will be 13, quite a young lady now. She has a lovely reading voice and she often reads aloud to her little brother and sister, and sometimes to her mother and her fashionable friends.

Ah Go On! And Knit.

Pauline McGlynnLike Pauline McLynn, the actress who plays Mrs. Doyle in the channel 4 series 'Father Ted', I was taught to knit by my mother. Knitting is a wonderful hobby, and and really fun and satisfying way to pass the time.

Recently however, the actress known so well for her mantra, 'Ah go on, go on, go on...' has now turned her hobby and her catchphrase into an online enterprise selling knitted tea cosies - the Go Ons. News article on Silicon Republic.

Dublin City Public Libraries has lots of great titles if you're starting out as a knitter for the first time, or if you're a more experienced knitter there are also good titles available.

Dietrich Fischer-Dieskau

The very best of dietrich Fischer-DieskauDietrich Fischer-Dieskau who died on 18 May of this year was a renowned German baritone. He was born on May 28, 1925 in Berlin, where both his parents were teachers. He learned to play the piano from his mother. He started taking voice lessons at sixteen, but suffered an early set back when he was drafted into the armed forces in 1943, having just completed his secondary school studies and one term at the Berlin Conservatory. He was captured in Italy in 1945 and spent two years as  prisoner of war, however this did not end his love affair with music. He took advantage of the time to continue his musical studies and to perform where possible, entertaining the troops with his renditions of Schubert songs. Once the Nazis were defeated, Fischer-Dieskau returned to Berlin and began singing professionally.

Game, Set, Match

Tennis racket and ballsIf like me you have been following Wimbledon over the past few weeks and will soon begin to have withdrawal symptoms why not pop by to your local library and learn some more about your favourite players. We have a range of books and also some DVDs which document the lives of some of the greatest players of all time, as well as some of the current tennis pros.

Cabra Teen Book Club on TV3

On the 6th June last, TV3 visited Cabra Library where they filmed the teen book club discussing 'The Hunger Games' by Suzanne Collins! The five minute piece was broadcast on Tuesday, 26th June on Ireland AM at approximately 9.20am.

Cabra Library Teen Book Club

Ireland's Olympians

Eamon CoghlanAs Irish athletes prepare for 'the Games of the XXX Olympiad' this summer, we celebrate those Irish men and women who dared to go faster, aim higher, and be stronger in representing Ireland at the Olympic Games. These rare images from the Dublin City Council Photographic Collection depict our athletes as they departed our shores in expectation and, for an exalted few, their return in triumph

This exhibition celebrates all who wore the green in the Olympic stadiums of the world.

View Ireland's Olympians Gallery

Rathmines Library Features!

Rathmines LibraryThe suburb of Rathmines made the shortlist in the recent Irish Times sponsored competition for 'The Best Place to Live in Ireland'. The overall winner, announced on the 25 June last, was Westport, Co. Mayo. But congrats to Rathmines for winning the 'suburb' category.

The video profiling the suburb of Rathmines is hosted on the Irish Times YouTube page and can be viewed below. AND we want to unashamedly point out that our wonderful Rathmines Public Library branch features prominently in the short (1:17) video!