Ballyfermot Library

The Sé Geraghty Collection

Sé Geraghty CollectionDublin City Council were delighted to receive the late Sé Geraghty’s private library when it was donated by Sé's best friend and companion Alice Hanratty in June 2008. 

On the occasion of the donation,  Cllr Mary O’Shea, representing the then Lord Mayor Gerry Breen, said "Sé Geraghty’s private library is a wonderful resource and will be a huge benefit to the public. It is made up of around 7,000 items, mainly books, but also many pamphlets and periodicals, on topics such as history, politics, literature and the arts. Anyone with an interest in fascinating subjects like the Spanish Civil War, 1916, the history of the Irish Trade Union movement, the Irish language and other topics will discover a mine of information. Dublin City Library and Archive Service did a very professional job in cataloguing the material and on their behalf I would like to thank Sé’s partner Alice Hanratty and his family for this wonderful donation."

Special Dance Performance at Ballyfermot Library

A specially commissioned dance performance for 10-15 year olds took place in the Ballyfermot Library. See video below.

Video: Paul Daly

One small step for (a) man…..

Greg Johnson, AstronautStaying up late in July 1969 to watch Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin step from Apollo 11 onto the surface of the moon was exiting but not at all unexpected to a science fiction reader. Having spent years immersed in Arthur C. Clarke, Isaac Asimov, Ray Bradbury and so many other great writers it was never IF, just HOW SOON we would conquer space. In my mind, it was only a matter of time be for all those stories of Martian colonies, aliens (friendly or hostile), parallel universes, androids and my own personal space trips would all come true.

A Refurbished Ballyfermot Library - Images

Following the completion of improvement works, Dublin City Public Libraries announced the re-opening of Ballyfermot Library on Monday, 29th April, with new and improved services.

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Designing Together

On the 28th June, 2011, students from 5th class, St. Gabriel's National School, shared their aspirations for Ballyfermot Library with the local community in a Sneak Peek Day.

Students showcased the prototypes of their ideas, which were developed at series of workshops with the designer Ré Dubhthaigh and architect Maxim Laroussi as part of the Designing Together programme.

Designing Together is a collaborative initiative between Dublin City Public Libraries, Dublin City Architects, local schools and designers.