Kevin Street Library

Kevin Street Library Re-Opening 25th July!

Kevin streetWe are delighted to announce that Kevin Street Library is set to re-open on Wednesday, 25th July following a lengthy closure for major refurbishment.

The refurbishment works were necessary in order to accommodate the requirements of a public library beyond those envisaged when the building first opened in 1904. Works included:

  • Specialist repairs to the roof and structure
  • Conservation of original architectural features
  • Restoration of original wooden shelving and flooring
  • Increased public space for study, exhibitions, community groups & children’s library (In part, facilitated by the construction of a new floor and mezzanine/gallery).
  • Universal accessibility to all areas
  • Public restrooms

Kevin Street Library Refurbishment


Kevin Street Library Refurbishment - Upgrade Notice

Kevin Street LibraryPursuant to the requirements of the Planning and Development Act 2000 (as amended), and the Planning and Development Regulations 2001 (as amended) - Part 8, notice is hereby given of an upgrade to the building in compliance with current building regulations in terms of universal access, fire escape and accessible WC provision. The work will include the provision of a new extension on the west side of the existing building to contain a lift, and an external ramp from Kevin Street to the existing entrance door. New external fixed glazed apertures will be created on the western rendered elevation. It is proposed to internally refurbish and increase the internal floor level by 128 sqm to provide extra reading, exhibition and sanitary accommodation in accordance with 21st Century Library service provision. The building is not a protected structure but is been overseen by a conservation led Design Team.

Kevin Street Library Collection (1899-1995)

Kevin Street LibraryThe archives of Kevin Street Library were accessioned by Dublin City Library and Archive in 2012. It is an important collection for exploring the history of Dublin Public Libraries, Cumann na Leabharlann, and also includes materials relating to the 1916 Rising and the Emergency Period in Ireland. The collection has recently been catalogued, with part-funding provided by Dublin City Council Decade of Commemoration Fund.  The Kevin Street Library archives can now be accessed by members of the public in the Reading Room of Dublin City Library and Archive.

Brian Cushen reading The Chat Show Host

The Chat Show Host

by Brian Cushen

Mario de Salvador was compeering a talk show on the local TV station.  It was a live show with an audience, something similar to any talk show.  The show went on air late at night (clapping).  This particular night he had a mixture of talent on the show.  He had a singer, a dancer, a comedian and an artist.

Kathleen Clifford reading The Boogie Man

The Boogie Man

by Kathleen Clifford

James Connolly reading 'A day in the life of Jimmy Joyce'

My name is James Connolly. I write about a fella called Jimmy Joyce.

A day in the life of Jimmy Joyce

by James Connolly

Joe Donnellan reading Match Day

My name is Joe Donnellan. I’m writing this piece about match day All Ireland this year. It’s written from a neutral point of view even though I’m from Mayo. This is the piece:

Match Day: All Ireland Football Final, 2013

by Joe Donnellan

Francis Lawlor reading The Budget

The Budget

by Francis Lawlor

The problem with any budget is that everyone cannot be satisfied. Following the madness of the Celtic Tiger years, 1994 to 2008, and the collapse of the economy in September 2008, it follows that under the subversion of the bailout and the presence of the Troika every budget that followed since 2008 would mean that there would be more losers than winners, and Budget 2013 was no exception.