Lord Mayor launches exercise classes for older people in Mansion House

At the kind invitation of the Lord Mayor, Nial Ring, twenty older adults from Dublin City will take part in a specially designed 12-week exercise programme led by Siel Bleu Ireland. The classes begin on Tuesday 4th September, 2018 in the Oak Room of the Mansion House. On that day the participants are assessed for strength, flexibility and agility and a special adapted programme is designed for the 12 weeks to suit the group’s abilities.

The Lord Mayor says “I want to welcome everyone here today and I wish you all every success in this wonderful exercise programme provided by Siel Blue Ireland.  As we age, keeping fit can become a greater challenge and for that reason I commend the good work done by Siel Blue Ireland in promoting wellness among our older citizens. Being assessed at the first and last class gives everyone an opportunity to see the benefit of the work they have done week in the classes and encourages them to keep going with the programme”.

Each week from 11am the Siel Bleu Physical Trainer will bring the group through an hour long exercise class designed to improve their physical, social and mental wellbeing by focusing on common issues faced by older adults including falls, joint pain and flexibility.

A previous participant, Jennifer Sweeny (73) from Howth says, “The important thing about Siel Bleu is not just the physical, but it’s the impact it has on your mind. With the trainer’s encouragement, you start to build up your confidence and it helps you to be positive”.

Noel is 78 years old and has had a myriad of health issues over the last five years including 10 mini strokes and prostate cancer. He has been participating in a Siel Bleu Community class for Stroke Survivors in Tallaght each week and says, “This is the best thing that has happened to me post stroke, I get to go and meet with people who are just like me, do a worthwhile activity and it makes you feel less lonely.”

This programme is produced in partnership with the Lord Mayor Nial Ring,  Siel Bleu Ireland and Dublin City Council’s Age Friendly Unit.