Lord Mayor presents Dublin Crystal to ‘Covid Heroes’

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The Lord Mayor of Dublin, Tom Brabazon, has presented 5 worthy Dubliners with a personalised piece of Dublin Crystal to celebrate their new status as ‘Covid Heroes’.

Earlier this month people across the city were asked to nominate someone in their community who they felt had gone above and beyond during the Covid pandemic.

More than 215 different people and groups were nominated.

The Lord Mayor personally examined all the nominations and selected a Top 5.

“It was inspiring to read about all the people across our city who have done so much great work in their community during this lockdown,” said the Lord Mayor. “I had a difficult task to pick just 5. Really they’re all Covid Heroes. But I just felt this particular group of people deserved special acknowledgement.”

Glenda Harrington does a soup run for the homeless, the Reverend Rob Jones and his team of volunteers were very proactive in Rathmines, Theresa Kelly does great work in Raheny, Moira Kennedy helped organise a fundraiser, and Michael Larkin ran balcony bingo in Ringsend.