Lord Mayor Proposes A Solution To Unfair Evictions

There is a growing problem in Dublin that some unscrupulous landlords are exploiting tenants by evicting them from their homes using the reason they want to sell the property. However, this in actual fact, is just being used as an excuse by some landlords to unfairly evict tenants.


Yesterday I visited the Focus Ireland Coffee Shop facility in Temple Bar. I was made aware, by people at the facility who have recently been made homeless, that this is a very real problem for people renting.

The government must immediately bring in legislation to put an end to this exploitative practice. I propose that if a landlord evicts a tenant using the reason they want to sell the property, the landlord must within three weeks have a ‘For Sale’ sign on the property. This has the potential to significantly improve protections for tenants.


The current situation is an intolerable way to treat tenants, some of whom are already in a hard-pressed situation to begin with. I acknowledge that the majority of landlords are decent people and respect their tenants. However, action is urgently required by the government to immediately end this exploitative practice used by some landlords.