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The City Council’s Economic Development Unit through the implementation of a series of measures aims to facilitate  economic activity in the City. The development of a Business Support Unit is one such initiative being undertaken. The Council recognises the importance of the role that business plays in the economy and is committed to it. The  City Council through the delivery of its many key activities assists businesses on a daily basis and is now establishing a Business Support Unit (BSU) that will further enhance this service. The  unit which is an is an initiative of the Economic Development Department will provide information on, and co-ordinate access to the range of Dublin City Council services that are required for setting up or growing a business.


Dublin City Council Services


Guide To Enterprise in Dublin City   Image of Enterprise Guide to Dublin City

A Guide to Starting your BusinessThe unit also provides a referral service to other business support agencies and to this end the Economic Development Department in cooperation  with  the City Enterprise Board, has launched a Guide To Enterprise in Dublin City’. The Guide  is a comprehensive compilation of advice and information, including a directory of services and is accessible online .


Starting a food business

Good food safety and hygiene practices are an essential component of any food business in order to protect the consumers' health.  Primary responsibility for food safety rests with the food business operator.

All food business operators must now comply with hygiene of foodstuffs legislation, (Regulation 852/2004/EC).  This legislation lays down rules for food business operators on the hygiene of foodstuffs, including temperature control, HACCP, equipment, transport, waste, personal hygiene and training.

Food business operators must register with a competent authority before commencing trade.  Failure to do so is an offence.  The competent authority will depend on the nature of the business and whether foods of animal origin e.g. meat, poultry, fish etc. are handled or processed.

The National Standards Authority of Ireland (NSAI) guides to good practice provide guidance on complying with the food hygiene legislation and are an invaluable resource for food businesses:


The Business Information Centre

The Business Information Centre is located in the Central Library in Dublin's city centre on Henry Street. The Business Information Centre is a reference service specialising in company and market information. The Centre holds books, directories, Irish government legislation, business magazines, databases, newspaper cuttings and also holds a collection of Irish company reports.

For more information on the services provided by the Business Information Centre click here


The Dublin Food Chain

The creation of a Network of Food Producers, distributors and Retailers located in Dublin, Ireland

The Purpose of the Dublin Food Chain is to research and pinpoint the key challenges facing the small producers, distributors and retailers in the food sector in the Dublin region and to develop a support network where the various players can work together to develop a sustainable local economy.


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Business Support Unit,
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