Your Dublin Your Voice Research Panel

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Join the Your Dublin, Your Voice opinion panel today at to have your voice heard on a range of issues that impact the quality of life in Dublin.

Launched in October 2010, Your Dublin, Your Voice is an exciting initiative of Dublin City Council that gives Dubliners and visitors alike a unique opportunity to provide opinions and views on what they love, like and would be glad to see improved in the capital region.

As the first local government led online opinion panel in Ireland, it seeks feedback and suggestions, via a maximum of four online surveys per year, on a range of issues that impact on quality of life in Dublin.  Your Dublin, Your Voice is an effective mechanism for public sector decision makers to engage with citizens and others in order to drive change for the region.

Some 4,500 plus members, representing all backgrounds, and over 60 nationalities have registered on the panel since it was launched.

Executive Report - Your Dublin Your Voice Covid-19 Survey May 2020

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