How Rates are Calculated

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Your charge for commercial rates is calculated in the following way:

  • The ‘Rateable Valuation’  of your property
    …multiplied by…    
  • The ‘Annual Rate on Valuation’  (also referred to as ‘the multiplier’)
  • Your Commercial Rates Charge.

‘Rateable Valuation’

Rateable valuations for all properties are determined by the Commissioner of Valuation  and set out in a Valuation List.

If you believe your Rateable Valuation is incorrect, you can submit a request for re-assessment.

‘Annual Rate on Valuation’

The ‘Annual Rate on Valuation’ (also referred to as ‘the multiplier’) is decided by Dublin City Council at its annual budget meeting. Please Note: The Annual Rate on Valuation  for 2017 is .258.

An example of a commercial rates calculation:

  • €5,000 : Rateable Valuation
    …multiplied by…      
  • .257   Annual Rate on Valuation (for 2014)
  • €1,285 Your charge for commercial rates

For more information

Dublin City Council
Rates Office
16 Castle Street
Dublin 2
D02 TR63

Office opening hours: 09.30 to 16.00

Tel: (01) 222 2171
Fax: (01) 679 3051 or (01) 222 2958